With the weather getting splendidly better, I had a chance to finally put on a t-shirt and shorts and start thinking about all the things I plan to do this summer. It also meant that I had to prepare for the new routine I’d have to endure these next few months (ie. shaving/waxing, wearing sunscreen, drinking more water etc.) That got me thinking about some of the things I can’t do without in the summer and I thought I’d share them with you. This list does not include sunscreen, although it is essential for the summer, my list includes three things that I need beyond that basic.

Number 1: Primer

IMG_0014I wear face primer all the time, but I find that when it comes to the summer months it really helps to prevent makeup from melting off my face. Also, I have dry skin but wearing too much moisturizer can make me feel greasy in the summer so primers help to restore just enough moisture. Plus they minimize the appearance of pores, which is something I’d like not to suffer from in the hot weather! My two faves, pore fessional by Benefit and anti-aging primer by CoverFX (anti-aging is always an added bonus.)

Number 2: Hair Oil


I’m sure this is a must for many. With visits to pools, exposing yourself to pollution outside, the hot sun, and the all hair colouring and highlighting how could you go without a good hair oil. I usually mix different oils and leave in conditioners together to achieve the softness I need out of my dry hair but my stand out fave is the keratin dry oil mist by ion smooth solutions. I like that it is a mist bottle so I get even coverage in my hair and keeps my style from becoming frizzy.

Number 3: Body Lotion

IMG_0017 What I really can’t do without, ever, is my moisturizer. I have dry skin all the time, and it only feels worse in the summer, especially after shaving my legs. It’s also great to moisturize because the sun takes its toll on your skin so it is always good to keep it nourished. I love anything by Yves Rocher and their nourishing lotion in almond is¬†amazing, both in smell and in how well it moisturizers (the 3 in 1 action according to the bottle is that skin is nourished, smoothed and protected.)

These are my three summer essentials, what are yours?