Question: Tattoos

Hello lovelies,

In the next week or so I will be getting my first tattoo with my friend and being something I’m very unsure of I wanted to reach out to you for your thoughts.

My friend and I will both be getting the outline of a heart on the inside of both our feet near our ankles. I’ll also be getting an evil eye on my other foot in the same area, because I’m crazy superstitious, while my friend will get an anchor in memory of her grandfather. The tattoos will be small with very little colour.

So, if you have or are thinking about getting a tattoo, what are some things you think I should know? What has your experience been? What was your healing time/process like? How do you feel about your tattoo now?

I’ll definitely post a photo of the tattoos once I get them done! Keep you posted on my experience too 🙂


11 thoughts on “Question: Tattoos

  1. So fun! I have 3 tattoos and plan to add more. My first 2 are angels on either side of my lower back and the 3rd is a large star with a small star coming out for my oldest son. Get something that is important to you and meaningful – sounds like you are already though! Mine are all on my back so not sure about the pain factor but no matter what, they hurt. Can’t wait to see photos!

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  2. tattoos are so much fun ————- just follow what They tell you to do for fast healing – i have 8 small ones LOL xxxx don’t go swimming in chlorine and try not to expose to the sun too much xoxoxoxox C


  3. I currently have two and I’m adding another soon! If it is something that has true meaning to you, I would say go for it! I’ve always heard they can be addictive and its true for me. I love having those reminders of happy times or meaningful symbols to look at everyday! 🙂

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