Price: $10.00/month ($4.95 shipping),  Number of Items: 5

This is my second box from Birchbox Canada and I’ll start off by saying that I’m pretty pleased with most items.

Birchbox is a monthly subscribtion box that introduces customers to different makeup, skin care and hair care lines. What is nice about Birchbox is that you collect a point for each dollar spent on the site, and every 100 points gets you $10 to use towards products. If you are interested to learn more click here, if you want to subscribe please click here as a referral.

The theme this month was elevating the everyday curated with Emily Schuman, writer of Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home

Here’s what I got:


Dr. Lipp

Original Nipple Balm for Lips (yes, you read it right, nipple balm!) The formula was orignated for nursing moms but it’s ultra hydrating and the description encourages you to use it for your lips, cuticles and dry skin. I’m pretty excited to try this.

Full-size Price $14.50 (15 mL), Sample Price $2.90 (3 mL)

20150519_192325_resizedJuice Beauty

This moisturizer uses fruit stem cells to firm and smooth fine lines. I’m really excited to use this product, I like that it’s organic and it has this awesome smell like a key lime pie!!

Full-size Price $79.00 (60 mL), Sample Price $10.27 (7.8 mL)

20150519_192433_resizedNot Soap, Radio

This body wash claims to kick up pheromones with ginseng. I’m sure just smelling clean will make anyone feel a bit more sexy but the description is pretty cute “The stuff that Cupid dips his arrows in.” It actually smells a bit like raspberries which I don’t really care for but it’s a nice weekend travel size so I’ll keep it for when I’m going away.

Full-size Price $20.00 (402.5 mL), Sample Price $2.19 (44 mL)

20150519_192245_resizedW3LL People

So this all natural mascara lengthens and lifts lashes without the use of chemicals or dyes. What this mascara actually did was invade my nose with the nasty smell of plastic. I’m not sure if I’ll use this because it just smells strange, maybe it’s old or maybe because it’s so natural they didn’t put in any perfumes. If you got this and experienced the same thing, let me know.

Full-size Price $27 (.23 oz), Sample Price ???? (there was no product volume listed – I’ll assume it’s half the full size) so…$13.50 approx.


I was extremely excited about this product when I read it was a shave cream. I don’t think I’ve ever received a shave cream in any beauty box I’ve ever ordered which, come to think of it, is a real shame because I’ll happily accept them. This one has shea butter so it’ll moisturize really well and claims to prevent ingrown hairs! This is another great size product for a weekend getaway!

Full-size Price $22 (150 mL), Sample Price $3.23 (22 mL) 

Total Sample Price is $32.09 (assuming I’m correct on the size of the mascara). This month I got double my box’s worth in products which is awesome. The products tie well with the theme, it feels like a box you can pamper yourself with. I can see myself using almost every product, and all are so well timed because I can definitely use them in the summer.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What have you received in your box?