On Sunday I purchased a few items from the Flower Beauty line at Walmart. If you want to see my haul and more about Flower Beauty click here  to see my previous post. Below I’ll list the items I liked, and those I disliked.

Above is my makeup for the last three days using only Flower Beauty, unfortunately the eyeshadow didn’t come out so well in photos so I couldn’t do a close up of my eye makeup look.

What I liked:

  1. The brushes! Handsdown some of the best quality brushes I’ve purchased for under $10. I really liked the shadow brush as a highlighter brush because it was a bit thick. The brushes are very soft on the face and so far I’ve experienced no shedding.
  2. The concealer and foundation. The colours blend well onto my face, I used my fingers to apply the products and I love that they feel really light. They are not the ultimate coverage but it’s very good for an everyday look.
  3. The highlighter chubby. I love the gold tint, it works well with a bronze summer makeup look. I added it for every look to my cheek and eyelids. This product may replace my sunbeam highlighter by Benefit!
  4. The cream eyeshadow. I knew that when I got this I would really like it. It is sooooo creamy, and looks so pretty on the eyes as a base or on its own, you just need to be sure to add primer so that it’ll last.

What I disliked:

  1. The eyeshadow quad. The pigmentation is not there for me, and it does not last very long, I found that after 3 hours the shadow was already mostly gone.
  2. The lip and cheek chubby. This was terrible on my lips, I guess the shimmer in the formulation felt grainy on my lips and the colour did not transfer well. It looked beige on the lips… which is actually very strange. On the cheeks it blends nice, but again, I didn’t feel the coloured stayed on very long.
  3. The eyeliner and mascara duo. This wasn’t so bad, I just feel like the eyeliner was very thick and it really felt and smelled like a marker. The mascara was ok. Now, if you wanted to get this to take on vacation or for the office makeup bag, this is good. The colour is a strong black and does last the day, just not for my everyday.
  4. Doesn’t photograph well. if you want to wear this makeup and take a bunch of photos at an event, I dont think you’ll be too happy with your photos because although the makeup looks amazing in real life, it doesn’t translate well onto photographs (as you may be able to tell from my photos above). When taking photos of the looks for this post I was constantly disappointed that I looked like I wasn’t wearing anything….or maybe that was the aim. Either way, it’s a great everyday makeup for me, but definitely not “Im going out” makeup

These are my thoughts, hopefully it is helpful should you want to purchase anything from this line. I would still want to try the lip stains.