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It’s really hard for me to say no to a good set of felt tip eyeliners, especially when cute packaging is involved.

Yesterday I was shopping and chatting with the lovely Cat from at Sephora when I remembered I needed new eyeliners. This set caught my eye and after swatching the colours in the store I decided to pick it up.

First I’m inserting Cat and my little haul 😉Sephora Haul Cat & Dal

We got a few fun and much needed things. Cat picked up a beautiful Sephora Gloss and the Nars Concealer in Vanilla. I also grabbed the same concealer, the Sephora Eyeliner Set and a Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick.

I really wanted to add a few colours to my makeup look, and because I’m into neutral eyes, I thought colourful eyeliners would be a nice way change it up.

What I think:

Packaging: The tin is totally cute and colourful, designed by two artists Craig & Karl based in London and New York. I can reuse it to store all my eyeliners. I really like that the eyeliners themselves have their own designs which helps distinguish them.

Swatches and EyelinersApplication:These liners are thin! I love that you can really get a precise line with them.

Colour:Two of the colours looked more dark brown which is disappointing because I thought one of the colours would be black. Regardless, what I really got this for was the coloured liners. The blue is a beautiful cobalt colour, leaning towards teal. The green is a deep jade which I am completely in love with, it was the first colour I wore out of this collection. Lastly, the white is a very soft white but the pigmentation is amazing. Cat suggested wearing it on top of a black liner for a black/white wing and I may try that.

Longevity: I wore the green and brown liner all day today and looking at it now it’s still as strong as when I first wore it. It dries immediately after application and there is no flaking or bleeding (the colours did bleed a bit when swatched on my hand, but not on my eyes). The liners are not waterproof, but the swatches on my hand got wet and they mostly stayed put, a good sign I think.

eye application

My Thoughts

I’m really happy I picked this up. I think the colours are great and are easy to wear everyday.

Have you tried this set? What do you think of Sephora’s Eyeliners?