Price: $12.00 CAD plus tax (free shipping), Number of items: 4-5

I received my Topbox a few days ago and wanted to share what I received 🙂

Topbox is a Canadian monthly box that introduces customers to make-up, skin care, hair care and other neat things. Every month, subscribers are also given the opportunity to choose a Prive box in which a particular brand is showcased exclusively. If you want to learn more about Topbox or to Subscribe click here

1. Bliss Triple Oxygen Radiant Protection Energizing Serum


I’m really excited about this product because it claims to protect against environmental agressors. I wasn’t sure what this did at first, but luckily Tobpox did include a leaflet with information on this product. Living in the city I feel that I’m exposed to a lot of pollution and toxins, so anything that can help clear my skin of that is much welcome. Full Size Price: $27.00 (27mL), Sample Price: $5.00 (5mL)

2. Model Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss


I’m not really in love with this lip gloss colour because it has really large sparkles, and I’m not into sparkles. I have Model Co products from previous boxes and I feel they just send the least purchased colours to be given out as samples (or maybe I’m just unlucky in receiving colours I don’t really like). Either way, this is not really for me, but I can think of a few people who may like it. Too bad, I LOVE that there is a mirror on the side to make for easy application. Full Size Price: $20.00, this is a full size product.

3. Ceramic Glaze Nail Lacquer in Mermaid’s Tale


I’m not sure if this product has the same formula as China Glaze, but the colour is a very pretty blue. I’m not very big on wearing nail polish except on my toes so I don’t always get excited about nail polish, but I do want try this one out. Full Size Price: $11.00, this is a full size product.

4. B. Kamins Laboratories Bio-Maple Body Lotion

DSC_0126This product smells like baby powder which I love because it’s very comforting. My only issue with this sample is that it is so small! It’s a body moisturizer but there is hardly enought product to use on my body. I would like to be able to test a product 2 or 3 times before I can make a decision on whether I purchase it. Full Size Price: $41.00 (180mL), Sample Price: $1.55 (6.8mL).

5. BONUS! TRESemme Expert Selection Perfectly (un)done waves

DSC_0124I love bonus products! Although I’m not into salt sprays, for some reason I really liked this sea kalp mousse. This helps create waves with the use of a curling iron. I tried this the other day and really like that it doesn’t make my hair feel dry like the sprays do, I also like the easy, beacky look I achieved with this product. Full Size Price: $9.99 (150mL), Sample Price: $2.99 (45mL)

My Thoughts

Although I’ve received Topbox’s that I have been more excited about in previous months, this month is not bad. I feel receiving full size products is great, I just wish it would have been products I liked. Total Value of my samples is $40.54.