OMG! August is almost over! Where did the time go?!?  Price: $10.00 CAD (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada)Number of items: 4-5 (plus a cute bag for each month)

I recieved my monthly suscription for ipsy a bit late because I had ordered a bonus item using ipsy points I had accumulated. I guess adding the extra item meant that shipping was going to be delayed two weeks! I almost didn’t post this because it’s the end of the month but figured why not just do up a little post anyway.

What I received: 

Bonus! Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum I’ll start with my extra item that wasn’t part of my ipsy bag. This daily serum can either  be used by itself or under a moisturizer. It helps replenish and protect the skin. I really like that this has vitamins A & E and protects from free radicals. I used 500 ipsy points to get this extra sampe. Full Size Price: $54.06 (30mL), Sample Price: $18.02 (10mL) (not sure if this is correct – I’m assuming the website price is in USD and I converted it to CAD)

1. Eco-Beauty good night. night cream I just noticed that one cream is Good Morning, the other is Good Night and they are not the same brand, haha, so cute! I love the packaging of this, it’s easy to carry around and use when travelling. This claims to be super hydrating which I’m going to need come the colder months so I’m happy I got it in my bag. Full Size Price: $52.77 (50mL), Sample Size Price: $15.83 (15mL) (again I’m assuming the website price is in USD)

2. Marc Anthony True Professrional Argan Oil of Morocco  I love, love, love hair products! This smells soooo delicious! The only issue I have is that the oil is leaking a bit off the side of cap, I’m going to have to store this standing up on my counter. I’ve seen Marc Anthony products at the drugstore and never tried this line so I’m glad I get an opportunity to now. Full Size Price: $10.99 (50mL), Sample Price: $4.55 (20.7mL)

3. Hikari Lip Gloss in Merlot I’ve seen others get Hikari products in their monthly subscription boxes, and I think I may have received a blush from them a while back. Being something I don’t really remember, I don’t think I was too impressed with this brand. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a gloss so always good to try it out. I do like this deep redish colour, its a bit plum-like too. Swatching it on my hand, I’m impressed by this pigment. It comes on thick, not like the sheer glosses I’m used to. It’ll definitly be a nice fall colour. Full Size Price $13.00 (4.6mL), this is a full size item.

4. Trust Fund Beauty in Elegantly Wasted  I really like this beautiful lilac colour. It is a very soft colour, which makes me think of cuddling by the fireplace enjoying some hot cocoa….too soon?…ya..I thought so. Regardless this is a nice laquer. Too bad I don’t paint my finger nails, but it’ll still be nice on the toes. Also, this packaging is too cute, I love how it comes in a little pretty box. Full Size Price $15.00 (17mL), this is a full size item.

5. Doucce Cosmetics Ultra Precision Eye Liner in Black This is a nice creamy eyeliner. Although it claims to be smudge proof, I was able to smudge it right after swatching it on my hand. I dont mind it though because it creates a nice smokey look, after about 2 minutes it was hard to smudge it any further. Full Size Price $26.00, This is full size product

My Thoughts

This bag was really cute and very appropriate for the summer winding down and getting ready for the fall. Total Value of my bag is $76.38 (I did not include the bonus item).

How did you like your ipsy bag this month?