Giveaway Win!’s November Giveaway

How cute is the packaging on these!
How cute is the packaging on these!

Last week I won a very special giveaway that was hosted by the lovely Cat at She throws such amazing giveaways every month on her blog and I’m so shocked that I won this one!
I wanted to share these amazing products not only to showcase this giveaway but I also think they are great value items and make really good holidays gifts if you are thinking about getting one of these for someone you know (or even as a treat for yourself).

_DSC7381Too Faced Melted French Kisses Set

According to Sephora these are four of their best selling liquid lipsticks. The colours in this set are; Chihuahua (dusty mauve), Berry (berry red), Metallic Peony (shimmery dusty rose), Metallic Macaron (shimmery warm bright pink). I really love the high pigmentation of these on the lips and they have a nice angled tip applicator that makes putting on the product super easy.

They are so cute and small too, and I like that the colours are holiday-ish but not so much so that you couldn’t wear them well into the summer. My only suggestion would be to exfoliate and moisturize your lips beforehand as the formula can be a bit drying. My fave colour that I’ve been wearing obsessively is chihuahua, which is a surprise because I don’t usually go for nudes so thanks Cat for helping me discover something new.

Bite Beauty Mix and Mingle Duo Lip Stick

I was super excited to try this product out. This is a limited edition holiday pair in Scarlett (deep red) and Mulberry (deep mauve). Sephora has a range of other cute colours. I’ve heard amazing things about this brand and they’re based out of Toronto, Canada! Love supporting my Canadian brands <3.

What’s popular about bite is that they create their lipsticks with food grade-ingredients so you can rest easy if you’reΒ the type that eats your lipstick away :). I am in love with these colours. Unfortunately, my camera did not pick up the difference but they are both dark lipsticks, one has a red tint and the other is more purply. One other interesting thing about Bite is that each lip color is infused with super-antioxidant resveratrol to help fight free radicals and support long-term age-repair benefits!


I’m really happy to have won this. Thank you Cat for throwing such an amazing giveaway!

10 thoughts on “Giveaway Win!’s November Giveaway

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ❀
    You like CHIHUAHUA XXX
    bet it looks great on You xo
    such lovely photos and GORGEOUS review
    so Happy You are happy xxxxxx
    this is what makes my giveaways worthwhile is seeing someone write so wonderfully xxxx
    Love xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats again on winning this! πŸ™‚
    Cat recommended Chihuahua for me and I can see why – it’s a gorgeous nude that’s perfect for any look.
    Bite Beauty lipsticks are just one of the best on the market – I can’t wait to get more from the brand (and YAY Canada!)

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