Beauty: Little Sephora Haul


Recently,  I made a purchase for gifts and items for myself on the Sephora website (it’s so hard not to purchase something for myself at Sephora). I really like shopping this time of year because they have many nice holiday sets and promotions.

What I Purchased

Sephora Favourites Brow Kit


This was actually gift for my sister. We have both been eyeing kit for a while. This set is the medium/dark colours but there is also a light set. I like that the set includes a small mirror and tweezers, something any brow enthusiast would appreciate. (I had removed the tweezer when I took the photo though :/) Sephora has an array of “Sephora Favourites” kits that make great gifts, and they offered at value prices compared to buying each item individually. (Last I checked, this particular kit was sold out)

Becca Shimmery Trio



In a previous post I reviewed the Moonstone Shimmery Perfector I mentioned that I would purchase the pressed powder, so when I saw this guy online I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get three shades at one time. This has the ever so popular Champagne Pop and I feel like when I mix it with Pearl I get a really shade that goes well with my skin tone. I also like the Brushed Copper for when I am tanner or to use on my eyes. Compared to the liquid I like this way better!

Becca Shimmery Perfector Opal On The Go


I think this is a nice little gift set for those who love highlighters. It includes the colour Opal as both the liquid and the pressed powder. Although I’m not in love with the liquid I feel like this packaging is better for application than the tube applicator I had before.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar


Recently I’ve become more comfortable with eye makeup application, using my Naked 2 palette often in my looks to work. I felt I wanted to venture out and get another palette but not go too crazy buying colours I know I wouldn’t use. Angela at Beauty By The Bunny suggested I give Too Faced Chocolate Bar a try (she’s super sweet and her blog is amazing too). After reading the Sephora reviews I decided I would purchase this and I’m so happy that I did! This has been around for a while now, and it still gets top reviews when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. The colours are perfect for me! It’s mostly neutrals with a few pops of colour shades that are so easy to create colour combos with. I definitely think this is a great gift for someone who is looking for an eyeshadow palette. And yes, it smells like chocolate!

Duo Eye Lash Adhesive


This one isn’t as exciting but I decided I would purchase the Duo Eyelash Adhesive that had the brush applicator. I wanted to try this one out because I do have issues with using the tubes. With holiday parties around the corner I know a lot of us will want to get glamoured up so don’t forget to pick up an eyelash adhesive with your falsies! haha!

Clinque Moisture Surge


I ordered this using my Beauty Insider points. My skin is always needing moisture and I’ve been using this one for a bit now and really like it. It makes my skin feel moisturized without feeling overly greasy.

Playful Prep Sample Bag


One of the biggest reasons why I love shopping at Sephora online during the holiday season is because of their deluxe sample bags! By spending $25  CAD on the site I was able to pick up this lovely. It’s full of some awesome samples, and most are deluxe size. I’m not sure if this exact bag is still offered on the site, but currently they are offering a party mix bag with 12 free samples. I think these are awesome kits to save for yourself or to give to someone else.

What items are you shopping for this holiday? Have you ever ended up purchasing items for yourself when looking for gift for someone else?

9 thoughts on “Beauty: Little Sephora Haul

  1. Oooh that Becca trio looks amazing! What a great find.
    I’m still debating between the Chocolate Bar or the Semi-sweet Too Faced palettes… I’ll have to see them in person I think.
    Clinque Moisture Surge is DA BOMB. I got a sample in a Clinique gwp and went and bought the full size afterwards. Awesome stuff.
    That’s a really good sample bag – I bet you snagged that at the right time – those things always go so fast.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know! so happy got this because when I checked back again they were all gone- I guess that’s when it pays off to shop early ☺.
      I’m really happy with the Chocolate bar palette so far! depending on which colours your looking for I think either are great 🙂
      the moisturizer is awesome too- I love that it hydrates but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin!

      Let me know which palette you end up getting – your no-makeup buy is almost over right?

      Liked by 1 person

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