I currently subscribe to 3 beauty boxes and I love trying out the new products that I receive. I get so many products that it’s hard to try everything in a month or even two, so if I’m mentioning the product in these posts than it has really wowed me and it’s something I’m going to continue using. Each month I hope to present 3 that I liked.

These may be products that I love right away or that I’ve been using for a few months, but I’m hoping that this will either provide more info if you were interested about certain products or about whether or not a certain subscription box really does send worth-while items.

So here are my favourites for November 2015:

1.Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips – Birchbox, May 2015

I’ve been using this guy for a few months every now and again whenever I feel my lips are dry or as a cuticle ointment. The formula is not sticky, or heavy and has no scent which I really like. It can feel really thick so it’s designed to use as a spot treatment (can’t really lather all over dry hands for instance) but it does provide deep moisture to areas that really need it. I like to keep it next to my coffee table so that as I’m watching TV I can put this on my lips and give them a nice deep moisture treatment. I will definitely be purchasing this once the sample runs out.

2.LOC One and Done Shadow Stick – On Point – Birchbox, November 2015


Birchbox had a lot of great samples for the month of November, but everyone was looking forward to trying their new LOC line and this shadow stick did not disappoint. The colour for one is awesome! It’s a really nice champagne that I think looks so flattering on my lids. I’ve worn it all over the lids with only a bit of brown eyeliner and I love how it makes my eyes pop! The product comes on creamy, but you only have about 1 minute to blend it out before it dries and becomes smudge proof which is awesome. This guys stays put all day!

3. The Balm, Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer – Ipsy, month unknown


I’m positive I received this sample in Ipsy but I can’t seem to recall when. When I first got this, I didn’t use it too often because I was reserving it only as eye-shadow. Then I read on the packaging “highlighter” and thought, “oh right, I can use it for that too, duh”. Once I started putting this on my cheeks I’ve completely become obsessed with it. Awesome for the eyes (especially to brighten up the inner corner) but really great for cheeks as well. Did I mention that the packaging is super cute!? I wish I had remembered this guy before I went shopping on Sephora because I would have picked this up and not the Becca trio. Either way, this was a really solid sample that I actually use over any other highlighter that I’ve bought for myself. Really says something about the awesome colour and creamy formulation.


Any samples from your boxes that have impressed you over the past few months?