I’m sure we’ve all heard about the newest technology in hair straightening, the hair straightener brush. What a genius idea if you could brush your hair and straighten it at the same time! I always straighten/curl my hair. Only on weekends when I’m staying in do I let my hair be its natural wavy, frizzy self. So, when my dad gave this to my mom as an early xmas present, I had to try it out too.

After trying this I thought I’d post my thoughts if anyone was curious about purchasing one.

Price: Looking on Amazon, I find that these really range in price which is interesting given that they look exactly the same in each picture! The one that I have tried is Apalus and it cost $59.99 CAD. 


Design: This is actually pretty light making it easy to hold. It’s a pretty baby pink and the bristles are long with red tips (so that you don’t burn yourself). 

To start off, my hair is medium thickness, mid-back length and coloured. I have very wavy hair with a ton of frizz. I can usually straighten my hair in about 20-30 mins using a traditional straightening iron.

Using the Hair Brush Straightener

This has a pretty high heat setting which I was pretty impressed with, it goes up to 450 degrees celsius. To straighten my hair I set it to 400 degrees celsius and it took about 60 seconds to reach that heat. Although there are all these buffers to prevent you from burning yourself you still need to be very careful handling this so that you don’t accidentally slip your fingers on the inner bristles (which I did and it hurt a lot!)

I sectioned my hair off into three pieces and then took about a 2 inch diameter of hair to straighten at a time. Holding the hair taught in my other hand I brushed the straightener through the strands slowly.


Cons: I found that it removed the curls in my hair but did not get rid of the frizz.You can’t get too close to your scalp with this so the little frizzy bits at the nap of my neck are still crinkly. After I was done my whole head I ran hair brush straightener through my hair again to remove the frizz but I found this didn’t really help much. It didn’t leave my with sleek straight hair like the flat iron does.

I also don’t like the way my hair feels after I’ve used this product, it just feels frizzy and dry and the ends of my hair are sticking in all different directions. Also, because it’s still frizzy, I feel like my hair looks huge and not in a full hair kind of way but in an untamed hair way.

Pros: I got through my hair really quickly, it took maybe 20 mins max to run this through my whole head. It’s also really easy to use, you just brush your hair slowly and it straightens as you go so if you’re someone who struggles with using a flat iron it might be worth you trying this out.

My Thoughts

I personally think that you are better off putting your money towards a really good flat iron, for the same price, the flat iron I own does a far superior job at straightening my hair. This product isn’t really worth it unless you have thin hair that has no frizz. If you have thick hair, I’d just stay away completely. I had to go back with my straightening iron to get my hair to the desired look I want which defeats the purpose of even using this in the first place.

Anyone else try this yet?