mainI received the new Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer in my December Topbox along with other cute Benefit items that I was excited to try.

Before I begin, I want to say, Roller Lash, total game changer here for me! I love it!

This recently was released in Canada in Sephora and Shopper’s Drug Mart.




One thing I don’t understand is why this primer is the same price as the mascara. I know you can wear it on it’s own but it is designed to be a primer. Wouldn’t it have made sense to sell this a bit cheaper, if not to get people to try it. The price of the full size is $31.00 CAD.


I love that this is in a dark brown. I am not the biggest fan of white primers because I really need to coat my eyes in mascara in order to cover it all up. The brown appears to be something that would flatter many different eyelashes and does provide a nice intense look on its own.


I have the sample size but I’m sure that like other Benefit mascaras the application wand is the same as the full size. I did a side by side to the They’re Real Mascara to give you an idea of the similarities and differences in the bristles.

The tinted primer has shorter bristles and the wand itself is thinner compared to the mascara. I like the design of this because it allowed the product to come on really nicely on my lashes. I like the way that the brush really coats each lash and fans it out. I think it also gave them a slight curl.

Now for the photo below I used the Roller Lash mascara because I found the pair to work really nicely together (compared to They’re Real mascara). The Primer gives just a bit more length and definition to the lashes while the Roller Lash gave a really great curl. I think the two together is quite awesome.

One thing I was expecting with this primer is fiber in the formula because I’m used to it in other primers. This I found to be a big draw back for me. Primers are supposed to offer something extra, and for me that’s thickness and length. Even if they had a few fibers that would be better than none, why wouldn’t I just put two coats of mascara, it achieves the same effect.

My Thoughts

When it comes to using this on it’s own I really like it, I love that it’s a nice dark brown and that the wand allows each lash to be coated evenly for a pretty fluttery look. I don’t know if that’s enough for me to justify me buying it for myself, if I received it as a gift I guess I wouldn’t mind. I think that it really doesn’t make the mascara I wear any more enhanced, I feel like both Roller Lash mascara and They’re Real do quite well on their own.