First Impressions: Demeter Fragrance Library


I’m not the most venturous when it comes to perfumes, however, when given the opportunity through Canadian Beauty Bloggers network to try Demeter Fragrance Library and customize my own scent I was excited to give this a try.

What is Demeter Fragrance Library?

Started in 1996 in New York, Demeter Fragrance Library bottles a variety of different single note scents. Looking on their website there are a series of awesome sounding scents like Jasmine or pistachio ice cream, and some really interesting ones, like lobster and pizza. Honestly look at the website, they have a scent for everything!

What I Received

I received two Foolproof Blending kits that are designed to be mixed together or can be worn alone which is a good start for someone like me.

Foolproof Blending Base Note Vanilla Trio

Scents include; Hawaiian Vanilla, Angel Food and Gingerbread. (These smell so yummy!)


Foolproof Blending Duo Custom Fragrance Kit

Scents include; Clean Skin and Sunshine and an empty bottle to put your customized scent into.


I also received a little travel scent called Laundromat. The duo kit came with a funnel, test strips and droppers to mix scents.


At first I was thoroughly confused, I had some really interesting scents to work with and was lost as to what went well with what. Demeter does have a guide to help you get started in the Blending Basics section of their website but they also state that “there are no rules” and encourages you to just experiment.

I used the strips to test out different scent combinations, and after about 10 minutes of spraying, I started to create smells that I really liked. For a week I mixed different scents for each work day. With the rules out the window, I really had fun with this and got more comfortable combining different scents. I would start with one of the Vanilla scents in the trio and then layer it with one of the Foolproof blending scents in the duo. I like spraying the scents directly onto my skin and just layer them with whatever I feel that day.

My favourite combo is 2 parts Gingerbread and 1 part Clean Skin – I’ll call it “Day-Time Hottie” because the spicy scent of the gingerbread makes this a little bit more sultry.

It’s awesome that you can customize a scent to make it unique to you and what you like, and it’s not some off-the-shelf scent. The scents are not overwhelming but still last all day. I’m already looking for new scents to try.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for reviewing purposes. All thoughts expressed are my honest opinions.

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3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Demeter Fragrance Library

  1. Ooh I’d totally buy a vial of “Day-Time Hottie” – the mixture sounds great! 🙂 Demeter fragrances are so unique.
    I used to mix Body Shop perfume oils way back when, I remember the novelty of mixing strawberry with vanilla to get a strawberry shortcake scent! 😛

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