$12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping), 4-5 items.

Topbox is a Canadian monthly subscription service that introduces customers to beauty items. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box in which all the products are from one brand and you know what they are. This month I opted for a suprise.

What I Received

1.Hask Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment  

Full Size: $1.77 (50g), this is a full size item
 I was really happy I received this product. When I unboxed my friend’s Luxe Box a few months back I was very intrigued with this because I do have dry hair and I like the idea of deep conditioning.  This helps to restore moisture and strengthen the hair. 

2.Teeez Trend Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick in Roulette Red 

Full Size: $28.94 (2g), this is a full size item
Again this is a product I unboxed in my friend’s Luxe Box (proving that you really only need to subscribe to one or the other) I was curious about this product. I’ve received a few things from Teeez cosmetics before that I thought were cute so I am happy with this as well. It has a satin, matte finish and has added coconut oil to nourish and hydrate the lips.

3.SeaRx, SeaRx Birch Sap Moisturing Lotion 

Full Size: $42.11 (118mL), I’m guessing at the sample price because the info was not provided, $1.78 (5mL)
 The description of this is quite hilarious on the Topbox leaflet, “apply everywhere you have skin”!! I think they failed to notice that we have lots of skin and included these two tiny samples that don’t even feel half full. Brands need to understand that the reason anyone subscribes to these boxes is so we can test new products out. When I receive such small samples I can’t make an informed decision on whether or not I’ll like a product, and likely I won’t buy it!!

4.Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Antioxidant Hydrating Essence 

Full Size: $120 (140 mL), Sample Price: $8.57 (10 mL)
Elizabeth Arden understands the idea of sending samples. This is a decent size sample and worth quite a bit on its own. I have a few moisturizers from this brand and from the Prevage line that I’m completely in love with. I’ll use them before any other creams I have on my counter. I was interested in this product because it’s a watery moisturizer. It reminds me of Mac’s moisturing sprays (which I really like) except that you apply this with a cotton pad. It is meant to infuse the skin with antioxidants and hydration and has a light clean smell. 

My Thoughts

If you subscribe to Luxebox, you don’t need Topbox. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed repeats in both. I’m excited to try the hair mask and facial moisturizer. Lately I’ve received a lot of the same types of products, similar to my issue with Birchbox so I’ll update my profile and see if they start sending me different items. Total value of this box is $41.06.