Beauty: Little Drugstore Makeup Haul

I recently went shopping at my local Shoppers Drug Mart to check out their new items. I came back with a few things and thought I’d quickly share since I plan to review the majority of them for future posts 🙂

To start off, I have been on a hunt for new foundation since recently finishing two I own. Shoppers had a sale on the new L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation and I thought I would give it a try. I was really impressed with how nicely this matched my skin tone in the store and I liked that the formula was very thin, great for building up coverage or keeping it light.  The next foundation I picked up is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. I’ve been hearing about this a lot lately on YouTube and beauty gurus rave about the coverage and how well it works for dry skin. This is a bit yellow toned when I swatched it on my hand but I did find that when I blended it on the side of my cheek it matched me really well.   I want to also mention here that a week ago I purchased the Vichy DermaBlend Corrective Compact Cream Foundation from Shoppers. (I know. I feel like I over did it with foundation.) I was convinced by the girls at the counter that this would be great for my skin so I decided I’d pick it up. What I loved is that the formula has a built in SPF 30. I plan to review all three foundations in an upcoming post.  Joe Fresh has made it’s way from Loblaws to Shoppers (makes sense after the grocery store giant bought it). This display was so pretty I had to pick something up! I grabbed the illuminating concealer because I thought it would be nice to counteract my dark circles. Also, the prices in the Joe Fresh line were very reasonable.  There was a small display for NYX, but the duo ended countour and highlighter stick just jumped right at me. I got it in the universal colour. I love how creamy this felt on the back of my hand and how well it blended after I took photos of the initial swatch. I love that the hightlight is not crazy intense, so I’m hoping I get a dewy look from this. I know heavy contouring is out, but I feel like this will help bring some warmth back to my face. Last, but never least, I picked up a new gel eyeliner from essence since I needed to replace my old one. Anyone looking for a good gel eyeliner without breaking the bank needs to give this a try! It’s so good and only costs $3.49!! I also picked up the angled brush because I thought it was super cute!  Can’t wait to try all these products out and let you know my thoughts in the next few weeks 🙂

Have you picked up anything from the drug store lately?

17 thoughts on “Beauty: Little Drugstore Makeup Haul

  1. Everyone is picking up that L’Oreal Cushion Foundation – makes me curious about it too! 😉
    I had that Bourjois Serum Gel Foundation – it’s nice upon initial application but I found that it oxidized on me. But you have different skin type than me so maybe it’ll be fine on you!
    That Essence Gel liner is FANTASTIC. It honestly rivals MAC’s. 😮
    Wow so many base products! I’m very curious about your thoughts on the Joe Fresh concealer. That packaging looks so sleek. I did pick up their pen eye liner to test out. The prices are really reasonable!

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  2. AND, I meant to say more… Haha

    I hope the Bourjois works well for me, I had mixed feelings about it at first which is why I picked up the Vichy Foundation instead, this time I said, just do it! And I got it.

    Essence is my staple item, just really awesome. I agree, it rivals Mac

    I’ll update on the Joe Fresh Concealer – so far I really like it (I just put it under my eyes today and liked the effect it gave – reflecting dark circles). I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve passed by 2 shoppers lately which their huge display – that brand wants to make an impact!!


  3. I’ve always wanted to try any of the Bourjois products but sadly we don’t have them here.. I don’t even want to buy them online coz I want to see them up close..

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