Every month I receive new products from my beauty boxes and I’m always excited to give them a try. I wanted to share three sample products that I’ve loved from my subscription boxes. 

1.Benefit’s Gimme Brow, Topbox December 2015 

With all the cute products I received from the Benefit Prive box, I really did not expect the Gimme Brow to stand out so much. After giving this a try I quickly began to use it in my eyebrow routine instead of the products I had been using before. Originally I thought the medium/deep would not work well with my brows but it’s actually a good match. I like that the gel formula helps put my brows in place while also giving them colour. Before I would have shied away from anything with fibre for my brows because mine are pretty thick but I like that this fills in all the hairs inbetween and fills any gaps. In the photos above I had thinned my eyebrows too much but this hides my over-plucking really well. I also love that it makes everything look natural, just that I have more defined brows. I am definitely going to purchase the full size of this. 

2.Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future, Topbox month unknown 

 I’m one of very few who get super excited over moisturizer samples. I especially love this one because it’s from a really trusted brand in skincare. This feels like whipped butter and blends into my skin so nicely. Up until I finished this sample, I was actually using this more than my full sized products. I have mentioned before that Elizabeeth Arden has very decent samples, this one lasted me a really long time. 

3. Shu Uemaura Nourishing Protective Oil, Topbox July 2015 

 Lastly, I really enjoy this hair oil both before I blow dry/flat iron my hair and after for added shine. It leaves my hair feeling really soft, shinny and healthy. We can all appreciate a good hair oil but I really like the light smell of this. I really love that this is a really large sample from a pretty well known brand and a little goes a long way, I’ve been using it pretty regularly and haven’t even reached half the bottle! 

I didn’t plan on featuring products from only Topbox, but I’ve seriously really been very happy with all these samples. What have you been enjoying from your subscription boxes lately?