Review: Favourites from the Boxes, April 2016

Fotor_146266423676759_resizedEach month I receive new products from my various subscription beauty boxes and I’m always excited to give them a try. I wanted to share three sample products that I’ve loved for the month of April.

1.Bliss Fabulous drench ‘n’ quench, Topbox February 2016Fotor_146266718726126I received quite a number of moisturizers over the past few months in my boxes and there have been a few that have stood out. This is definitely one of them. This feels and looks just like the Clinque moisture surge so if you like that product, you will probably like this one as well. I applied this morning and night for maybe 6 days and it left my skin feeling really hydrated, soft and refreshed. You only need about a dime’s worth for the whole face as it blends in easily and absorbs quickly into the skin.

2.Meet Matt(e) Hughes,  Committed, Ipsy, October 2015Fotor_146266747430257Oh the balm and their adorable and clever packaging. I started wearing this as the weather got warmer in April because I felt like the colour was really nice for spring. I love the way this looks on, it’s matte but not drying on the lips and isn’t really sticky either. The formula is a mousse-like and glides really nicely on the lips. The colour is also really pretty in my opinion, a nice rosy nude. This also smells like a chocolate peppermint ice cream which makes it more pleasurable to put on the lips.

3.Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, Birchbox, December 2015Fotor_146266405936572_resizedI have dry hair so I really didn’t think that a dry shampoo was for me but since I had received this in my box I thought I would give it a try. I only sprayed a few tiny sections on the top of my hair close to the roots and my hair instantly looked cleaner and volumized. The smell is a bit sweet, but not over bearing and it made my hair smell. I also think the packaging is just so cute and colourful! This has definitly got me more interested in trying other dry shampoos.

Have you tried any of these products? What have you been loving from your monthly boxes lately?

Lots of Luv,


2 thoughts on “Review: Favourites from the Boxes, April 2016

  1. Ooh I like this series. Really helpful to hear about the stand outs from subscription boxes, especially brands that aren’t as well known (even though 2 out of the 3 profiled here are well known). I’ve not tried any of these but every Bliss item I’ve tried, I’ve really enjoyed.


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