Many bloggers have been writing about their experience at Genbeauty in Toronto and I’ve enjoyed reading them all! Ipsy finally brought Genbeauty to Toronto for the first time and was it like being a kid in a candy store!

Genbeauty is an event that connects fans with their favourite youtubers and brands. You learn about new product launches, can purchase some products at discounted prices and enjoy free gifts from each brand. Many of the larger booths had some fun activities or things that you could do to score even more products. Also, each day attendees received a “swag bag” that was full stuff as well.

There were 22 booths this year and at first I was going to list what I received at each one but the post just got too long. Instead I’ve posted a few photos here;

From the Booths (Day 1 & 2):DSC_0046

Saturday Swag Bag: DSC_0047

Sunday Swag Bag:DSC_0048

I really enjoyed the fun activities hosted at many of the booths, playing with new makeup & skincare and receiving some great free products! I also finally met fellow blogger Jodi at A Brash Attitude. I had been trying to find her and pretty much accidentally landed next to her in the Too-Faced line without even realizing it!

My favourite booth was NYX, they had stations set up where you could play with different products, a video photo booth, a chocolate vending machine and candy everywhere. They were also super engaging with us waiting in the crowd by coming around with candy and keeping us pumped. My favourite freebie was at Makeup Forever. They handed out a gift bag with two of their Aqua XL eye pencils, a duo eyeshadow palette and Sens’eyes eye makeup cleanser.

The event was really lively with popular youtubers doing meet and greets every hour and people taking photos, vlogging and having a good time.

The only downside was how quickly the lines the filled up! So many times I’d pass by a line that was closed and eventually people just lined up to wait for lines to re-open. I also was a bit disappointed that some brands gave out foil or small samples, worse still, some even ran out of products to give out. BUT! There were a lot of full size goodies so it more than made up for it!

If Genbeauty came back to Toronto, I would go again. If you buy your tickets early it really makes the event worth it because the items received are worth well over $300.

Did you attend Genbeauty Toronto? What was your favourite booth?

Lots of Love