On Thursday, I was one of a lucky few invited by the amazing Dave Lackie to the Mugler Muse VIP Twitter Follower Dinner in celebration of Thierry Mugler’s launch of their newest fragrance, Angel Muse. I was extremely happy that I had an opportunity to be part of a fantastic evening!

We were greeted by the sweet Thierry Mugler Team and walked into an elegantly decorated room.

I have a huge love for Mugler scents. Alien has always been my stand-out fave and I can usually smell it on someone else from a mile away. Those who are familiar with the Thierry Mugler line know the distinctiveness of the perfumes, which is what draws people to these scents. They are so unique, and in wearing them, bring out our own uniqueness.

I’m totally having a blast here if you can’t tell. There was perfume everywhere! I also loved that they showcased some of Thierry Mugler’s fashion pieces. Even the dresses are unique, mixing a bit of sport with elegance. I would wear them in a heartbeat.

This event was way too much fun! I had a great time connecting with bloggers and the Thierry Mugler team.

They had a beautiful set-up with bottles of the fragrance scattered all around the room for everyone to pick up and spray (I immediately sprayed it on my wrist, and continued smelling it the whole night). The team had also set up a few of the Thierry Mugler Fashion pieces which were amazing.

I finally got to meet the amazing Dave Lackie! I love following his twitter to learn about what’s new and now in the makeup world. We also had a group shot with the beautiful Nina Westbury! She’s so gorgeous and sweet! The Theirry Mugler team came all the way from Montreal to throw this wonderful event and to talk about the new fragrance.

The night was so lovely, with an amazing dinner and talk about the new fragrance. We were tweeting with Angel Muse lovers around the world!

I am also extremely happy that I finally met Dave Lackie! Just the sweetest person ever. Nina Westbury, pro make up artist, also attended the event which was awesome for me because I had the opportunity to pick her brain about makeup application techniques!


This scent is so spell-binding. It has this amazingly fresh smell that is in your face, but yet, so easy to wear. What I’ve always loved about Thierry Mugler perfumes is their staying power- you can always smell them no matter how late into the day it is, and this is no different.

Fragrance notes: Grapefruit, Pink Peppercorn, Hazelnut Cream, Vetiver, Patchouli.

I love the combination of these because it makes it sweet but also clean, just the most perfect scent for the summer.

Thank you to Dave Lackie and Thierry Mugler for putting together such a great event. The evening was magical.

Lots of Luv,