Summer Sun! Grab Your SPF!

This weekend is the Canada Day long weekend, and for me, this is the true start to the summer!

I’ll be headed up on a spa trip for a bachelorette in Chelsea, Quebec to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend. I will also be going into Ottawa again! I loved Ottawa the last time I was there and I’m looking forward to watching fireworks in our capital.

With days in the sun and the summer just about to begin, I thought it would be a great time to remind everyone to get their SPF on! I’m taking two with me that I’ve been loving lately and I wanted to include them here. I also have a travel packing guide here.

For the Face – Clinique Super City Block, SPF 40Fotor_146724158038352I purchased this about a month ago because I really, really wanted an SPF for my face. I had been debating getting a powder SPF, but decided I would go for a cream. When I saw that Clinque had one with UVA/UVB sun block and antioxidants in 40 SPF I decided I would pick it up.

This is is 100% fragrance-free! I’m not in love with the smell of sunscreen so I really appreciate that this has no smell. Not having a fragrance is great for me because it just makes this more comfortable to wear. 

You can wear this as a daily moisturizer but because I have dry skin I still mix in a little of my own creams for extra hydration and I find it helps the product spread easily. I  use about a pea-sized amount of the sunscreen and moisturizer to cover my whole face. This is also oil-free which is great as well because it feels light on the face and makes it werable on more skin types.Fotor_146724165305010My only drawback with this su screen is that it has a tint. It blends in with my complexion well, but I’m not sure how it would look on other skin tones. I just wish it was a colourless cream. 

For the Body – Coppertone Clearly Sheer, SPF 30Fotor_146724174402340I received this courtesy of the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network and with great timing because I had been looking for a new sunscreen for the body. This has a very nice, light formula that spreads really easily. It actually just feels like a moisturizer which is really nice.

It claims to be breathable and good for sensitive skin. Most sunscreens can feel super thick which is why I tend to use sprays but this is not thick at all! It’s also not greasy and absorbs into my skin really quickly and after I apply it I don’t feel like it is going to leave a residue on my clothes or anything I touch. All these makes it comfortable to wear as a moisturizer every day which is how I have been using this. For those who want a sunscreen that is easy to apply and is weightless on the skin, I think you’d really like this.Fotor_146724183576362It does have a slight scent, but luckily it doesn’t smell like sunscreen. It’s more like a coconut/pina colada scent that is actually really pleasurable. This is probably the best a scented sunscreen has ever smelled!

What sunscreens have you been enjoying for the summer?

Happy Canada to all my fellow Canadians!! AND!!! Happy 4th of July to my American friends celebrating!

Lot’s of Luv,


2 thoughts on “Summer Sun! Grab Your SPF!

  1. Ooh your spa trip sounds wonderful! Enjoy the pampering! 🙂
    I brough a powder SPF with me to Japan and it was very effective, however it was quite messy and it smelled weird (it was 100% mineral sunscreen). The Clinique City Block looks really good – I’m guessing they tinted it to mask the white cast from the zinc? I always find they tint the colour TOO dark / orange for some reason.
    Happy Canada Day to you!

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    • Thanks! I was looking on the Clinque website for some answers but there isn’t very much info. You may be right about the tint, I just wish if they did that they offered it in a variety of skin shades.

      Enjoy your Canada Day! So excited for the long weekend 🙂

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