It’s been really fun trying new products from Amazon. Recently I’ve been playing with two peel-off makeup items and wanted to share my thoughts here. You may have seen these, it’s a stain that you apply to the directed area, leave on for a few minutes and then peel off, you’re then left with a semi-permanent stain that is meant to last all day. I purchased a brow tint and lip tint to test.

Let’s start with brows, shall we…Fotor_147006908434916_resizedEtude House, Tint My Brows Gel #1 Brown ($9.50, see here)

This product had decent reviews on Amazon so I thought I’d pick it up. At first I was nervous I had picked too dark of a colour but after using I thought it ended up matching me just fine. I applied this liberally all over my eyebrows, working the product the best I could on to my skin so the stain would get there as well. It also had a pleasant smell, I was expecting it to smell like rubber so I was happy that it was perfumed.Fotor_147006993304564

This was pretty gooey so you really need to move fast and apply it while its still a bit wet. I waited about 20 minutes for this to completely dry. The consistancy reminds me of Elmer glue, if you’ve ever peeled dried glue off your skin it looks and feels like that. I found that once it was completely dry it was really easy to remove and peeled off easily. Any bit that was left over was easily brushed off with a brow brush.

Fotor_147007109890614The Result? I was actually impressed with how this ended up looking on my brows, it wasn’t crazy bold but enough colour that I didn’t need to go back in with a pencil afterwards. The tint wasn’t crazy long lasting, but I’d say it did hold on me for 3 days just getting a bit fainter as colour washed away when I washed my face. I really liked this, and will use it again for sure!



Now for the Lips Fotor_147006957054549Romantic Bear Peel Away Lip Gloss in Cherry Red ($2.49, see here)

This one was really interesting. The consistency was also really gel-like, similar to the brow gel, but it reminded me of the fake blood tubes you get at Halloween. The ingredients in this didn’t seem too bad, it had vitamin E, Rose Hip Oil, and natural fruit essence. I’ll be honest, I was expecting all man-made and harsh ingredients.

Fotor_147006970407936When applying to my lips I was super careful not to get this in my mouth because it was really gross. It was really difficult getting this to apply evenly so I just ended up packing as much on as I could and letting it dry. I had to keep my mouth open while this dried for 15 mins because whenever my lips touched it would stick together and feel really strange. When this had dried I was able to peel it away, again it had that similar dried glue feeling.

Fotor_147007063645791The Result? Immediately after I peeled this the stain was really strong and beautiful but it only lasted 2 hours before the colour completely disappeared! I was really disappointed with that. It also appeared really uneven on my lips even though I tried hard to get it even. I think you’re much better off with just wearing a lip gloss and then re-applying it as needed.


What do you think of these products? Have you tried any peel-off make-up?

Lots of Luv,


I’m not affiliated with Amazon in anyway. I purchased these with my own monies and my review is 100% honest.