Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

I haven’t worn full coverage foundation in a long time and it wasn’t until wedding season that I thought I should probably pick one up. I had three weddings to attend to in August and my bb creFotor_147260941035577ams weren’t going to cut it. While shopping at Shopper’s Drug Mart I saw Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation and wanted to try it because it claimed to be full coverage (and looked oh-so cool!).

Price: $49.00 (CAD) per 1 oz. at Shopper’s Drug Mart


What it Claims: A full-coverage, matte-finish, waterproof foundation that lasts all night.


Packaging: Really cool chrome tube. I like the design of bottle, with the geometric design to allow you to see into the product. I also love that this has a pump!

Shade: I  think it’s really important to mention the shade of this foundation. There are a lot of comments online that this oxidizes pretty badly, and I am here to say that YES IT DOES! I have shade 3.5 which is light with pink undertones and when I first swatched it in store it was a nice match for me, a small swatch was not enough to give me a good impression of how it would look all over my face. For me, this oxidizes to about 1.5 shades darker, which still works on me for the summer but for the winter I’ll need to add a lighter shade to balance it out. I would definitely suggest getting a sample in a few shades ranges to ensure you pick up the correct one. Fotor_147260965965111Application: I tried this with both a beauty blender and a foundation brush and preferred the brush (I use Sephora Pro 66 brush with my foundations).

This is full coverage! About one pump covers all over my face to my liking. It’s really light weight too so I didn’t feel like I had too much foundation on. The finish is very matte, just like they claim, and it does not accentuate my dry skin or dry patches. I do always apply moisturize and primer beforehand so that likely helps. One thing I noticed about this foundation is the way elevated whatever makeup I put on top (blush, bronzer, highlighter) it all blended much easier on top of this foundation and looked really good.

The formula is not patchy but it does dry pretty quickly. What I did was apply a few small dots of foundation to one area on my face and blended it in before moving on to another part.

Longevity: As I mentioned before, I wore this to three weddings so I’ve was able to test out how well this held up. Two of the weddings were in the evening indoors, and one in the late afternoon outdoors. All days were hot and humid. I wore this for 7 hours + and my makeup held up quite nicely. It didn’t patch up and continued to give me great coverage throughout the night.  Fotor_147260946660823My Thoughts: I really love the finish of this foundation. It may be because most my other foundations have a dewy finish that I really wanted something matte. It was really long wearing on me, which makes it my go-to for events, even in the humidity outdoors! My obvious drawback is that the shade oxidizes which is a bit annoying, but next time I’ll pick up one shade lighter and hopefully that helps.

Have you tried Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation? What’s your favourite full coverage foundation?

Lots of Love,


11 thoughts on “Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

  1. Too bad about the oxidization! It’s so difficult to know until you actually wear a foundation / concealer if that happens – grrr.
    You had 3 weddings this summer! Crazy how that happens – that was me a few years ago. 😛

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  2. I had the same exact same problem with this foundation! I have the shade 3.5 too and I was really happy with it at first: it was finally pink enough for me and it matched my skin (even thought I’m probably a tiny bit lighter). But then… it oxidizes like crazy!! The problem for me wasn’t really the darkness (I just mixed it with a lighter foundation), but the color, it looks definitely warmer. I hope I’ll manage to use this somehow ’cause I really like it as a full coverage foundation.

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    • I had to colour adjust mine too because the colour altered when it oxidized. I wore this last summer but have not since. I think I’m going to try a lighter shade next time because I love the coverage too!
      I hope you manage to use yours too! I feel so many people felt this way about the foundation.


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