I recently purchased Benefit’s most recent Brow kit in the style Soft & Natural Brow. Benefit released a few different brow kits to help you achieve the perfect brow (you can see the different kits on Benefit’s website).fotor_147353099281868What’s in the Kit?

  • Goof proof brow pencil (full size)
  • Ready, set, BROW! 24-hour setting gel (mini size)
  • High brow highlight & lift pencil (full size)
  • Shaping stencils & holder
  • Tips & Tricks booklet
  • Tin box


$44.00 CAD.

This is a great deal since you get full size of the Goof Proof Brow Pencil & High Brow Highlight Pencil that retail at $30.00 each plus a mini size Ready Set Brow gel that retails at $14.00.

I naturally have thick, dark brown brows but always like filling them in for more definition.


Although cute, these products are a bit chunky. I’m in love with the tin box because of its cute design and that it’s reusable.fotor_14735404947612Stencils

The stencils are a bonus in the box but I do think they are useless. Most brow stencils are cut out so that you can easily place them on top of your brows and draw out your desired shape. The ones in this kit are not and so you only use this to shape out the bottom of the brow. I had a hard time using it and ended up over drawing my brows.fotor_147353114236477

Goof Proof Brow Pencil (full size)

I picked out the colour O3 Medium. The kits only come with 3 shade options; light, medium and dark and this was the closest to my eyebrow colour. Luckily it’s my shade and blends perfectly on me. I love the diamond shape shape of this pencil and how it’s a bit thicker because it fills in my brows really quick. The formula is soft and creamy so it glides on the brows and in-between the hairs. Even though it’s creamy, it still lasted 8 hours on me. This has become my new go-to brow pencil!

High Brow Highlight

After drawing in my brows, I used this under the brows to define them even more. I’ve never used a brow highlight before and really liked the way this shaped out my brows. I even used this in the inner corners of my eyes to give them a bit of brightness. This is in a universal pink shade that I can imagine flattering a range of skin tones. The formula is creamy that does wear away after a few hours but I was able to get a solid 6 hours out of it.

Ready Set Brow

This locked my brows in place without making them feel too stiff. One thing I didn’t like was that after about 3 hours this started flaking on my brows and looked really horrible. I wonder if it’s because I put the the definer on first so it adhered to the product and not the brows themselves because reading other reviews I didn’t notice anyone else having this issue. Next time I’ll try putting the brow gel on first.1473537853643My Thoughts

To sum up, this is a good set. Two products really stand out, the Goof Proof Brow Definer and High Brow Highlight and I’ve saved by buying them in this kit than to purchase each separately. I also have a thing for the tin box! The stencils and Ready Set Brow were not my favourite but even without them the box is still a good value. If you were curious about trying Benefit’s eyebrow products, I would suggest getting the kits because then you can try out a few items from their new range.

Have you tried any of Benefit’s new brow products? What’s your fave?

Lots of Love,