It’s so hard to find the energy to do anything when you’re sick. Last week I was feeling a bit under the weather and I was anxious to get myself better. Luckily after lots of chicken soup and vitamin C, I’m feeling much more like myself. Something that helped me at least enjoy my showers each day was this beautiful set from a Girl’s Gotta Spa!

I used this every day for the past two weeks and my skin is looking and feeling really hydrated.

Energizing Citrus Natural and Organic Body Wash for Dry Skin, see hereaggs_2

  • 98% natural, plant-based ingredients with 30% aloe
  • burst of citrus to wake up your senses (not too strong for those sensitive to scents)
  • sulfate-free
  • pure essential oils of pink grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime

I really enjoyed using this body wash because it left my skin feeling moisturized. This is designed for dry skin with shea oil to hydrate as well as aloe and chamomile to soothe it. I really felt these ingredients at work as my skin is feeling less dry whenever I get out of the shower. A good test for me if a body wash is hydrating is whether or not I can use my body wash to shave my legs (I don’t use shaving cream) and this was AWESOME for that!

The body wash lathers up nicely and it leaves my skin feeling really clean and I loved the fresh and invigorating citrus scent. It is really energizing, the smell was a nice pick-me-up for when I was feeling really groggy and sick.

This was also gentle enough that I was able to wash my face with this without irritating my skin or eyes (great for when I’m in a rush and multitasking in the shower, lol). Overall I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this wash.

Energizing Citrus Moisturizing Shea and Cocoa Butter Body Lotion for Dry, Itchy Skin*, see hereaggs_3

  • whipped texture that is highly hydrating, non-greasy and quick absorbing
  • energizing citrus scent (again, not too strong)
  • Antioxidant-rich olive oil, shea butter, and unprocessed natural cocoa butter

I’m truly obsessed with this lotion! I don’t feel as uncomfortably dry as I usually do and my skin is really soft to the touch. I didn’t need to reapply this as I usually do with lotion. The body lotion has a lighter scent compared to the body wash which is great because it didn’t overpower any perfume I put on afterward.

This is super lightweight and has a thin consistency, not at all thick or gloopy. I found that it absorbed into my skin really quickly so I was able to change right after I applied this. This is going to be my go-to lotion for winter.

My Thoughtsaggs_4My skin can feel itchy and appear flakey but the combination of this body wash and the lotion has improved the look and feel of my skin. It really feels like giving myself the spa treatment. I can see myself using these products for a long time and I hope that they create more scents and other body products – I’d love to see a hand cream in this line one day!! If you have dry skin, I really think these are great products to try. It’s super gentle, hydrating and I honestly have seen a huge difference in my skin.

Somethings you should know about A Girl’s Gotta Spa!

  • All bath and body products are natural, vegan and certified cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny certified)
  • Started by beauty blogger Shannon Smyth who’s been blogging for 11 years!
  • Products do not contain synthetic fragrances or dyes, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petrochemicals or sulfates
  • Made in the USA
*I received the body lotion through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network to review. I did purchase the body wash myself. This review is my honest opinion whether I purchased or received the products free.

Lots of Love,