I was really excited when I saw the full Milani Cosmetics line in my local Rexall Drug Store. I picked up a few items to try and one of them was the Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner.

I wear liquid liner almost everyday so I’m not a novice but I thought if this could make applying liquid liner that much quicker and easier than why not give it a shot. milani-review_lbl_-2The ergonomic design allows for easy handling and more stability when applying liquid liner. The top of the liner has a dip that I was able to rest my index finger on and extend my thumb to stabilize application closer to the felt tip.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find this very comfortable. Maybe my hands are a bit small but holding this was uncomfortable and I had to constantly change the positioning of my fingers to try to get a better grip. I ended up just wrapping my hand around the tip of this (similar to what I do to my standard pen-style liners) to apply it on. I wasn’t able to get a perfect line. milani-review_lbl_-4One thing I’ll note is that I’m right-handed but this made applying eyeliner on my left eye much easier than most other liners.  Also, I really love the deepness of this black, it dries matte and doesn’t smudge. I also love that the felt tip is long and has a precise point which makes creating thick or thin lines easy.  milani-review_lbl_-3I think with any new product you need to practice a bit to get the hang of it. I’m sure that someone new to eyeliner will find the learning curve with this shorter than a standard liner, but for me I think I’ll just stick to what I know.

Have you tried this liner? How well does it work for you? What’s your favourite eye liner?

Lots of Luv,