I went down the dark hole that is the Amazon website. I think I was buying a new cell phone case and then jumped over into the beauty section!

I grabbed a few brushes and have been trying them for the last month and have some strong opinions about them.

11pcs Professional Makeup Cosmetic Brush ($8.49 +free shipping, see here)amazon_brushes_lbl1There are some good hits and many misses in this brush set for me. It had such great reviews on Amazon that I thought they all were going to be amazing brushes, but I think out of the 11 I only really liked 5, and out of those only 3 I can say are faves. I really didn’t like the face brushes, in the picture they looked  like they would be denser but were really flimsy. The eye brushes, however, were nice and easy to use for blending. The three brushes I liked are starred in the picture below.amazon_brushes_lbl2

The big fluffy brush could be used as a highlighter but I like to use it to put my base shadow over my eyes. *I’ll note here that this one wasn’t glued so well so the handle came apart from the barrel, but I was able to glue it together, they are pretty cheaply made* I like that it’s a bit dense so it spreads shadow evenly on my lids making it easy to blend colours on top.

The smaller fluffy brush is nice for blending and defusing shadow in the crease.

Lastly, I like the angled brush to work colour more precisely into my crease. I actually didn’t think I’d ever use the angled brush let alone like it, but I find I use it every time I do a smokey look. Do I think this brush set is worth it as a whole, absolutely not BUT! The 3 brushes I gained from it for my eyes are now staples for me. I can use the brushes I don’t like for crafts.

Foxpic Professional Cosmetic Liquid Foundation Brush ($3.55 +Free shipping, see here)amazon_brushes_lbl3I really like using this dense brush for liquid foundation. More so than the dense brush I tried some time back from amazon that looked like a toothbrush, see here. It’s about 1.5 inches in diameter which is a good size to spread my foundation quickly over my face. The handle is only about 4 inches long which makes it easy to hold. amazon_brushes_lbl4The issues I have with this brush is that some of the bristles stick out but it’s glued in so well that I can’t pull them out. It’s also bent. I guess it’s what you would expect from a cheap brush. You need to use light pressure when using this brush to ensure you spread it around easily, but overall I’m not mad it. I do think this is worth picking up if you’re looking for a dense brush for liquid foundation.

Have you made any purchases from Amazon that are big hits or misses?

Lots of Luv,

Iā€™m not affiliated with Amazon in any way. I purchased these with my own monies and my review is 100% honest.