The original chocolate bar palette is one of my very first palettes. I remember waiting until my birthday to buy this and then using it almost everyday afterwards. I’ve become quite attached to this palette so spoiler – I have very positive things to say about it.


I like this palette because it is full of great neutrals that I can easily put together for simple everyday looks but has a few deeper shades and shimmers for more sultry evening looks.

What it is
An assortment chocolate-inspired shades formulated using real cocoa powder. A rich selection of the perfect browns, neutrals, and little pops of color.palette-review-series_chocolate-bar_lbl-2Price $59.00 CAD (0.62 oz total weight)

I guess I can’t talk about this palette without mentioning this. The scent is very strong and lasts – I’ve owned my palette for years now and it is still as potent as the day I got it. It smells like cocoa hot chocolate and I am completely in love with it! If you hate sweet smells, I would not get this palette because you will always smell this. palette-review-series_chocolate-bar_lbl_labeled-4Colours
Don’t expect to create colourful or bold looks with this. The colours here are neutral and warm in a few shade ranges to suite many skin types. Mostly you can create a variety of beautiful neutral looks. I gravitate towards this because I find I can easily put together a few solid everyday looks without needing to go into other palettes. The palette is well thought out in my opinion. I do appreciate the attempt for pops of colour with the pinks and purple but they aren’t bold enough to add any drama.

Application, Wear & Longevity
These are not as powdery as other shadows I’ve used but they blend so well. It’s very creamy and the shadows that are pigmented are really pigmented! I really like the formula of the shadows because they sit really well on my. I do wear these colours pretty often and find that they last the work day. I’ve become really comfortable using this palette and have some really favourites shades that I use whenever a need a quick look (white chocoloate over the lid and salted caramel in the crease are my quickest and easiest look). I’ve also enjoyed swiping just one shade over the lid and mascara and then just heading out the door (marzipan is that awesome shade).

I wore salted caramel in the crease and deepened it with triple fudge on the outer edge. I then put white chocolate over the lid and dabbed a bit of champagne truffle in the center.


  • Smells delicious
  • Great everyday shades
  • Easy to blend


  • Pink and purples aren’t the best here

My Thoughts
Clearly, I would recommend this even if the colours are really neutral. After all the palettes I’ve purchased and received I still come back to this one.

Do you have any of the chocolate bar palettes? What do you think of this palette?

Lots of Love,