I received the Sweet Peach Palette as a Christmas gift from my lovely sister. I used it all throughout the holiday and last few months since.

What it is
An 18 eyeshadow palette with peachy pinks, corals, bronzes and purple. It has antioxidant-rich essence of peach.

This comes in the tin packaging that is similar to the chocolate bar palette series. I think the gradient from peach to orange is really cute. I like the bright colour of this palette.
Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (6)Price
$59.00 CAD (.54 oz of shadow total – this is less then my Original Chocolate Bar Palette)

The biggest thing you will notice about this palette is the scent. For me it smells like fuzzy peaches. The smell is strong. I can’t leave this palette open too long or else I start getting bothered by the overwhelming sweet smell. I usually keep this at arms length while I’m applying it. I don’t mind this scent but it’s nothing like the amazing smell of chocolate in the Original Chocolate Bar. If you are sensitive to scent, stay away from this palette!
Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (2)Colours
At first glance, I kinda wondered why there were only 3 peach shades in this peach palette, and they are all peachy-pink not PEACH!! As I started using the palette though, I found that 3 peach-pink shades were enough pops of colour against the neutral tones I like wearing. I do love the peach-pink shades in this palette. They are so romantic and bright that they instantly make my whole face appear brighter. That said, it’s not a “peach” palette in my opinion.

I love the mix of shimmers and mattes in this palette and even the mattes with specks of glitter. My favourite shades to use are puree, bellini, nectar, georgia, bless her heart and luscious. These colours in any combination together are perfect for me. On the downside I find tempting and talk derby to me a bit patchy and when I’m working with either of those shades I’ll use puree to help them blend a lot easier.
Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (4)Comparing this to my Chocolate Bar palette, a lot of the colours look the same in the pans but when I swatch them the Sweet Peach Palette has more pink/orange shades and the Chocolate Bar is more brown. There are a lot more lighter shades in the Sweet Peach Palette which I use quite frequently for everyday.  If you were wondering which of the two I recommend if you don’t have either, I would say the Original Chocolate Bar because I think it has a better range of differing colours and smells yummier.

Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (3)Application, Wear and Longevity
It takes no effort for me to apply and blend most of these colours. They have great pigmentation and look really smooth on the lid. I find the quality is as good as the Original Chocolate Bar Palette which I absolutely love using.

The colours do wear well and last me all day. I can wear event the lightest shades without primer, but I find that if I want to create a full eyeshadow look I need to lay down a primer so that nothing blends into each other.

Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (5)
In the look above I put white peach all over my lid. I then blended puree in my crease and inner third of my lid. I then darkened the crease with tempting mixed with puree. I mixed candied peach & bellini and put that onto the center of my eye using a dampened brush. Lastly, I put bless her heart on the outer half of the lower lash line. (don’t mind my crazy brows!)



  • great everyday shadows with peach-pink shades to brighten the eye
  • cute tin packaging
  • beautiful shimmers


  • smell is too strong
  • darker shades are patchy

My Thoughts
For me, I can easily put together simple everyday looks with this and I love the peach-pink colours because they compliment my skin tone and style. This is likely going to get heavily used in the spring. The colour payoff is great especially for the shades that I use and I can create a good variety of looks using this palette. I would recommend this if you like lighter shades for everyday.

What do you think of the Sweet Peach Palette?

Lots of Love,