Amazon Buy & Try, Becouyou Face Brushes

I was online trying to find some Artis brushes but after fainting a few times over their price, I decided to head to Amazon to find some highly reviewed cheap toothbrush face brushes.

This set was only $15.99 CAD and took 3 days to arrive at my door! You can see other styles and info on the brushes here.

20170319_144507I mostly ordered this for the extra large face brush because the last time I bought a face brush off Amazon, I thought it was good – but I just wished it was a bit bigger. The large size brush is about double the size of that one which I am really happy with.

20170319_144709I used only these brushes for a week to get a good feel of applying my makeup with them and I must say they are really good. Granted, the handles are a bit flimsy so I would mostly hold these closer to the brush head to prevent them from snapping. The black handle is rubberized adding to a firmer grip and I loved the rose gold colour making these a bit more chic. I’ve included the sizes of each brush in a photo below.

20170319_144559The brushes are really dense and surprisingly soft so using them on my face was a breeze. I mostly loved the large face brush (#1) because it spread my makeup quickly and easily over my face. I ended using the third largest brush (#3) for concealer which was nice. I used the liner brush (#4) to apply a soft shadow liner. The second largest brush (#2) was about the same size as the brush I got before (see that post here) and I think it would be great for foundation as well. This might become my travel foundation brush. The small circular brush (#5) got not use out of me. I’ve seen beauty YouTubers use similar brushes to contour the nose, but I don’t do that in my routine. I used it once to apply eyeshadow over the lid but it pulled at my eyelid and I didn’t really like that.

20170319_144638I washed these a few times too and experienced no shedding or loosening of the glue. I can imagine over time that these will not hold up as well as an Artis set but it’s not expensive so I’m sure with proper care I can get a few years out of them.

Do you use these style brushes? If you own Artis brushes let me know your thoughts on them!

Lots of Love,


8 thoughts on “Amazon Buy & Try, Becouyou Face Brushes

  1. The larger ones are nice to smooth on creamy foundation or as finishing brushes to create an airbrushed look. I don’t use mine every day but they’re nice to have as an alternative to blending sponges. I have one of the smaller ones (similar to your #3) that is meant for blending eye shadow but I use it for one purpose – applying brow bone highlight. It perfect for that because it’s the perfect size for that area and blends out the highlight easily. Kind of silly to have one dedicated tool for that purpose… but yup, that’s me! 😛 Mine are the MAC ones which were produced by Artis.


  2. I remember your review of the MAC brush! I did check out the MAC website too, but they are still pretty pricey and now I know why. I think if I’m going to splurge I’ll pick up a MAC brush instead of Artis since they are produced by Artis anyways!
    Maybe I’ll try using the other brushes for something other than are intended for. I think the super small circle one could be used for brow highlight now that I think about it…Hmm! Stashy, I think you may have just helped me discover something new! LOL!


  3. I’m so curious about these types of brushes! They look so cool but I know I shouldn’t buy them just based on that…. or should I? Haha! I’m going to actually have a snoop on Amazon for some soon I think! Primark actually have a few that have been reviewed quite well that I might check out! xxx

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    • I use brushes for my eye makeup so I prefer the traditional style brushes for that definitely so I get what you’re saying. I find the face brush is easy to use though.
      I love that there are so many cheaper options online!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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