I was online trying to find some Artis brushes but after fainting a few times over their price, I decided to head to Amazon to find some highly reviewed cheap toothbrush face brushes.

This set was only $15.99 CAD and took 3 days to arrive at my door! You can see other styles and info on the brushes here.

20170319_144507I mostly ordered this for the extra large face brush because the last time I bought a face brush off Amazon, I thought it was good – but I just wished it was a bit bigger. The large size brush is about double the size of that one which I am really happy with.

20170319_144709I used only these brushes for a week to get a good feel of applying my makeup with them and I must say they are really good. Granted, the handles are a bit flimsy so I would mostly hold these closer to the brush head to prevent them from snapping. The black handle is rubberized adding to a firmer grip and I loved the rose gold colour making these a bit more chic. I’ve included the sizes of each brush in a photo below.

20170319_144559The brushes are really dense and surprisingly soft so using them on my face was a breeze. I mostly loved the large face brush (#1) because it spread my makeup quickly and easily over my face. I ended using the third largest brush (#3) for concealer which was nice. I used the liner brush (#4) to apply a soft shadow liner. The second largest brush (#2) was about the same size as the brush I got before (see that post here) and I think it would be great for foundation as well. This might become my travel foundation brush. The small circular brush (#5) got not use out of me. I’ve seen beauty YouTubers use similar brushes to contour the nose, but I don’t do that in my routine. I used it once to apply eyeshadow over the lid but it pulled at my eyelid and I didn’t really like that.

20170319_144638I washed these a few times too and experienced no shedding or loosening of the glue. I can imagine over time that these will not hold up as well as an Artis set but it’s not expensive so I’m sure with proper care I can get a few years out of them.

Do you use these style brushes? If you own Artis brushes let me know your thoughts on them!

Lots of Love,