I’m a complete lover of Caudalie’s grape water spray so I was pretty excited to try other items from the brand. The Polyphenol Anti-Wrinkle protect fluid was suggested to me by a Sephora associate when I was at the store a few months ago looking for skincare and then I received this Premier Cru the eye cream in a Caudalie favourites set that I picked up from Sephora at a later time.20170409_121512I don’t exclusively use only these products in my routine but since I do tend to use these together I thought I would post my thoughts. I’ve used the polyphenol cream interchangeably with other face creams for what feels like 4 months now and about a month and a half ago I added the eye cream to my skincare regime.

Here’s what I think of them.
20170409_121355 The polyphenol cream is really nice for days that I don’t crave too much moisturizer which, lets be honest, isn’t very often except on humid summer days. This is meant to protect the face from free radicals which improving the appearance of wrinkles (Sephora.com). What I like to do is wear serum and then put this guy on top. I’ll then follow with a face cream to add some extra moisture to my skin. That’s one thing I’m not the biggest fan of with this cream. I still need to add a moisturizer because it doesn’t really hydrate my skin. Now, I have dry skin, so I guess it’s something that I’ll have to do with certain creams because not everything is designed to be overly hydrating.

A reviewer on Sephora mentioned that a Caudalie representative described this to her as a moisturizing sunscreen because it has SPF 20. I can appreciate the extra SPF. The cream is really light and spreads evenly. After using this for some time I find that I like to add this around my eyes and mouth to help prevent any wrinkling and smooth out a thin layer over the rest of my face, then I’ll apply any moisturizer on top.
20170409_121409The eye cream is also really light and spreads easily. It has anti-aging ingredients to instantly transfer the eyes and deliver long term results (Sephora.ca). UMMM….OK I don’t agree with that statement and I’ll tell you why. I use it sometimes on top and sometimes under all my other creams. No matter how I wear this, I don’t think I’ve noticed a difference at all when it comes to reducing any wrinkles.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and I need my creams to do so much more for me. I NEED hydration and I NEED it to make my fine lines and wrinkles look reduced. I really, really do! I want my skin to feel hydrated and plump and not dry and creasing!
20170409_121435I’ll admit, I’m pretty disappointed in both of these creams. With my other skincare items they are OK, but they don’t stand out as must-have products. Out of the two I do like the polyphenol for the SPF but even then I would use my Clinque Super City Block because it has SPF 40 and is less expensive (see my review here).

I do have other products from Caudalie that I like and I still want to test out the other items from the favourites set I have but I really don’t think I was wowed in any shape or form with the items I’ve mentioned today.

Have you used any items from Caudalie? What is your favourite/least favourite product?

Lots of Love,