I thought I’d get through more items this month. I have so many things that feel empty but every time I go to use them I seem to be able to squeeze out more products! Hopefully this just means I’ll have more items to share for May!

SkincareEmpties April 2017_LBL (2)

Fresh Rose Face Mask
I got this for Christmas in one of Fresh’s skincare kits. I really enjoy these kits because Fresh products on their own are pricey in my opinion but getting little samples in a set always feel more cost effective to me. If I remember correctly, my set came with a cleanser, two lip balms, and this Rose Mask. I love the smell of roses and this mask is very fragrant. This is infused with real rose petals. I really loved using this. I got a good 4-5 masks out of the 15mL jar which is really great. I was instantly hydrated with this mask and I loved wearing this before I put on my makeup.

Empties April 2017_LBL (3)Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb
I JUST got this in my Topbox for April but I had to use it! I like that this mask has a blue layer that helps it keep it’s shape until it’s applied on the skin. After you have placed on your face, you peel away the blue layer and leave on the sheet mask. This was such a super hydrating mask. I really loved this and felt pampered when I applied it. I’m definitely picking up more!


Empties April 2017_LBL (5)

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in the Hydrating Formula
I got this from the Smashbox Booth from last year’s Generation Beauty. I got so many items at that event, if you were curious to see what they were click here. This was really good the first 2-3 times I used it but after being open for only a week it development that bad makeup chemical scent! I thought it was a bit strange because I left the plastic packaging on the tube until I opened it so it wouldn’t have been exposed to the air. I’m just going to throw this out. I do like the hydrating formula so who knows if I’ll pick it up in the future.

Empties April 2017_LBL (4)Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer
I got this sample from Topbox December 2015 and did do a review of this as well here.  I know, these products are really old, but they surprisingly lasted so long! This doesn’t really do much for my lashes in terms of added length, volume or thickness but something about this makes it perfect for everyday or those I’m not wearing makeup but I want my eyes to pop kind of days. See, I have long lashes but the tips are blonde so you’d never know. For me, tinted primer is great to coat my lashes so that you can see their full length without it looking like I’m wearing mascara. It’s not like wearing a brown mascara, this formula is much thinner. It has a rubber applicator that does help to separate the lashes if you wanted to use it as primer. I already own the full size of this.

Benefit Roller Lash in Black
I got this sample in the same Topbox as the tinted primer. Now I had never used the Roller Lash before but I quickly fell in love with it! I love the curve of the brush which helps lift the lashes and I enjoy the formula because it’s not clumpy. I already own a large size in both black and brown!

What items did you finish up this month?

Lots of Love,