Summer Morning Routine with Garnier

I’m constantly switching up my routine for morning and evening in hopes that I find the best products for my skin each season and because I simply get tired of using the same thing over and over.

The last few weeks I’ve been testing some items sent to me from Garnier that I’ve worked into my morning routine.

Let’s start with my first step; cleansing. I love cleansers that have citrus scents especially to help wake me up in the morning and the Clearly Brighter Gentle Smoothing Scrub* is really nice for that.
Morning Routine 2017_LBL (9)I don’t usually do exfoliating cleansers everyday because of their rough texture but this is surprisingly really soft and gentle on my skin. The formula is like a gel cleanser with argun nut shell. I find the the shells feel really smooth. Garnier claims that this can be used for all skin types including sensitive skin.
Morning Routine Collage1 It helps to smooth my skin and prep it for my next step which is whatever face spray I have at hand.

Recently, I’ve been using a sample of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. This spray is really nice to hydrate my skin and prep it for moisturizer. Morning Routine 2017_LBL (1)It has a beautiful rose scent that I personally like. I also love the mist this creates, it’s very fine but wide so two-three sprites will cover my whole face.

My next step after that is moisturizer. There usually isn’t a moisturizer I don’t like and the Moisture Rescue* is no exception.
Morning Routine 2017_LBL (3)This is simply a great everyday fragrance-free and oil-free moisturizer that feels really light on the skin and absorbs really quickly.
Morning Routine Collage2It has Vitamin C and E and an SPF of 15. I appreciate the SPF, even if in the summer I’d want a bit more, I like that it has any coverage.

My stand out product for the morning is the Ombrelle Ultra Advanced Tinted Lotion with SPF 60*.
Morning Routine 2017_LBL (6)I did try a tinted lotion last year from Clinque which I quite enjoyed for my face but this one from Garnier has a higher SPF. This is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), water resistant for up to 80 minutes, and hypoallergenic. I also LOVE that this is fragrance free. I really don’t like the smell of sunscreen so I’m glad I don’t have it here. This is a mineral sunscreen which is new to me.
Morning Routinge Collage3Upon further reading I found that unlike most sunscreens mineral sunscreen doesn’t get absorbed into the skin but instead sits on top and reflects the suns rays. I mostly just love this because it feels really nice on the skin and the tint gives me a little bit of coverage. For the summer I move away from foundation so I use mostly BB Creams to add a bit of coverage and then use concealer around my eye area or where I need more coverage. This does the same thing but has a really high SPF so I won’t need to worry if I’m out in the sun all day.

My next steps after this are to add my makeup which I might post since my makeup over the summer is pretty minimal but great for those who like to rock a simpler look like I do!

What’s your morning routine like? What steps do you take?

Lots of Love,

Disclosure: products with * were received through PR, all other products mentioned were purchased by me. My opinions are always honestly given whether a product is sent to me or not.

7 thoughts on “Summer Morning Routine with Garnier

  1. Ooh that Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist looks really good. It’s a pricey line but I’ve been itching to try something from them. Would you say it’s worth the moolah?
    The Garnier Moisture Rescue looks good too – I haven’t heard of it, is it new?
    I had no idea Ombrelle has a tinted mineral sunscreen now! I’m using the Clarins one and it looks SO similar to the Ombrelle one!


    • The Jurlique spray is really nice, even the sample I have feels luxurious because the container is a nice frosted glass and the mister is really fine. If you like rose scents you would really enjoy this so I would recommend. It’s really hydrating too!

      The Garnier Moisture Rescue is new, it’s really nice, they also have one called the moisture bomb in a blue bottle which is very hydrating so I’m leaving that for winter when my skin is parched. There are so many products I’ve been enjoying from Garnier lately, I’m definitely going to explore their items more.

      The Ombrelle tinted moisturizer is fantastic! The tint actually provides a bit a coverage which is super great. I’ve never tried the one from Clarins so I can’t compare to that but this has replaced my Clinque City Block. It has more of a mineral feel. Plus I really like the high SPF 🙂


  2. Ooh I love rose water mists! That Jurlique looks so nice!

    The Ombrelle sunscreen sounds great too! I’ve heard it said to choose a mineral sunscreen but I never knew the reason behind it. Thanks for that little tidbit!

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