Price: $12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping) 4 items.

Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box where all the products are from one brand and you know what they are. This month I opted for the Prive Box.

Topbox was offering three different Cosmetics Magazine Awards Privé Topbox’s, I wished for #3 and got it in the mail! I wish I had taken a screen shot of all the different options because they were really good this month. If you’re interested in reading Cosmetic Magazine Fragrance and Beauty Awards you can here.

Now on to what I got!

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Eau de Parfum Roller Ball
Full Size: $92.00 (50 mL), Sample Size: $18.40 (10 mL)
Unboxing_Topbox_June 2017_LBL (2)
I’m not the biggest fan of the original euphoria scent, but I love the sexy musk in the deep euphoria. I usually prefer light clean scents but there is something about this that makes me love it. I’m not good at describing scents but here are the notes for this one:

  • Top – Cascalone
  • Mid – Black magic rose
  • Base – Musk

This is a great scent for a hot summer night out when you might want a something a bit stronger to last you.

Michel Germain Sexual Paris Tendre Pour Homme
Full Size: $79.00 (75 mL), Sample Size: $8.43 (8 mL)Unboxing_Topbox_June 2017_LBL (4)
I appreciate that Topbox included a sample for men in the Prive options, they actually had one exclusively for men which is a great little gift for a significant other or to use in a Father’s Day gift. I do like this scent a lot and thought I could pass this along. It’s in a cool looking spray bottle. Here are some of the notes of this one;

  • Top – Ginger
  • Mid – French Rose
  • Base – Modern Amber

You really get the hint of ginger in this one. I really think it’s a very fun sporty scent that is great for the summer.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate
Full Size: $116.00 (50 mL), Sample Size: $23.20 (10 mL)
Unboxing_Topbox_June 2017_LBL (3)
Anytime this is in a box I get really excited. Yes, I may have so many of these samples now but it’s probably my most loved serum so I will constantly appreciate more little samples because the full size is expensive.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil In O2 Raspberry
Full Size: $25.00 (7 mL), $10.00 (2.8 mL)
Unboxing_Topbox_June 2017_LBL (5)
I’ve heard so many good things about this lip oil so when I saw it was part of this Prive I knew I wanted to give it a try. This is described on the Bay website as a melting, lip-plumping formula which combines the comfort of an oil and the high-shine result of a gloss for radiant, fuller-looking lips.

My Thoughts

Clearly, I’m really happy that I received this Prive Box. I’m really excited to try the lip oil and already loving the parfum. I’ll always appreciate the ability to chose my box with Topbox, it’s a feature not many other subscription boxes offer. Total value of my box; $59.83.

Did you get Topbox this month? What was in your bag?

Lots of Love,