Price: $21.00 USD (+$5.00 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 4-5 full-size items.
Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box of full-size makeup, skincare and beauty tools. This month’s theme is Downtown Charm.

**Prices are in USD, and converted to CAD at the end**

A little update; since the Canadian Dollar is always changing against the US Dollar, last month, this month and next month were a bit more expensive when converted to CAD: $34.00/month (compared to $33.00 CAD when I first subscribed in February). Although I love the items, it is a pricey subscription. If you have suggestions for other boxes that ship to Canada (or are Canadian owned boxes) let me know. Also, my Ipsy subscription ended and I don’t plan to renew it anytime soon so if you don’t see any unboxing for that, well now you know why.

So what did I get this month?!

RealHer Eye Shadow Palette I (Nude)
Retail Price: $28.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (9)
Last time I got RealHer products in my box I was really excited mostly because I love what this brand stands for. If you want to see the items and my thoughts, you can do that here. I was pleasantly surprised to see an eye shadow palette in my subscription box.
Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (8)The box is thick but it is small enough that you can travel with. I love the rubbery texture of the packaging and silver lettering against the black and that it has a mirror inside. The ingredients are certified cruelty free, natural and vegan.
Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (10)
The colours are completely the types that I would wear everyday. I love the mix of mattes and shimmers and for the most part they are really smooth and blend well. The only downside is that some shades are very similar (Proud & Courageous and Creative & Unique). Either way, it’s a palette I’m super happy to receive. Palette II and III can be found here. All are great everyday palettes with slightly different variation in colours.

Biobelle Cosmetics 3 Sheet Masks
Retail Price: $14.97 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (11)
Hurray for more sheet masks! I’m excited that I got 3 in this month’s box! I got #beautysecret which a moisturizing mask (pomegranate & hyaluronic acid), #iwokeuplikethis which enhances glow (wild rose & vitamin C) and #primer to prep the skin before makeup (tee tree oil, rosehip extract & vitamin C). These are all really cute masks although I’m pretty curious about #primer only because I’ve never tried anything like it.

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder
Retail Price: $26.99 USD, full size
Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (5)This powder has glow and lots of sparkle! Not sure how much I’d like it on my cheeks for highlight but it might work all over the lids or even on the body. Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (7)I love that it’s a gold shimmer only because I have very little of that in my collection. You need the tiniest bit to make an impact.
Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (6)In the swatch (which is hardly visible thanks to terrible lighting!) I used only a crumb of product. I love the way this is packaged with a sifter that can be closed completely by turning it so that you don’t get powder flying everywhere!

Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Santa Ana
Retail Price: $19.90 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (2)

This is a beautiful raspberry, red colour that isn’t very bright so I can imagine it being perfect for someone like me who isn’t into lipsticks that fall outside of the natural look. I haven’t tested it out but the formula is supposed to be soft and moisturizing on the lips and has a long lasting lipstick effect. I’ve tried other lip products from Ofra that I really liked so I’m guessing I will enjoy this lipstick too!

Luxie Brush Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Brush 640
Retail Price: $24.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (3)

Yes! Finally a Luxie Brush in my subscription box! This is a pretty interesting brush. The bristles are very long and flimsy. It can be used to dust away loose powder from eye shadow fallout or apply highlight.
Unboxing Boxycharm June 2017 (4)In the summer I will add a bit of powder on top of my makeup to keep it all in place so it doesn’t melt in the heat and I would actually just use it for that. I love the pink handle and rose gold barrel it really makes the brush feel luxurious but it also is very sturdy and well made.

My Thoughts
All these items are going to get used by me and feel like they fall in line with the Downtown Charm feel (I’m a downtown city girl and it feels like colours I would wear). The palette is so pretty and I can easily put a few looks together with this, the lipstick will add a fun pop of colour and the gold powder will give a bit of glow. I’m really excited for masks and the brush too! Total Value of my box: $113.86 USD ($150.52 CAD)!

Did you get Boxycharm this month? What did you think of the items?

Lots of Love,