Hurray! I’m on the 22nd episode of Beauty Podcast! This will be my second time on the podcast and I was super excited to be a guest again!

This time around Cat and I talk about my blog turning two years old and where I see it going in the future. We also discuss my new found confidence in putting myself out there on social media!

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been more comfortable lately with posting photos of myself on Instagram and sharing things outside of beauty photos. We also about some beauty events and laugh about our first trip to Sephora together!

Cat and I had such a fun conversation! Grab a snack and listen here;




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If you wanted to listen to more podcasts you can find them all, including my first podcast as the first guest here!

Thanks so much to Cat for allowing me to be a guest for the second time! You can find Cat at

thanks Cat!

Lots of Love,