Like my makeup, I prefer my fragrances fresh and light during the day and really sexy and sultry for special occasions. I work during the day so I never go crazy with scents as to not annoy anyone with sensitives at my work. At night though, I like wearing scents that last and leave a lasting impression on those who smell them.
Sinner & Saint_LBL_August (2)I was lucky enough to receive complimentary samples of the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Fragrances through Influenster which I’ve had a chance to enjoy over the past month.

I have two little 5 mL bottles of each scent. Even for these little tiny samples the packaging was not over looked. Each one has signature Kat Von D art on the sides of the packaging which are pretty curves and skulls.
Sinner & Saint_LBL_August (4)Even the bottles themselves are shaped like little potion bottles. Now this is nothing compared to the full-size bottles you can get at Sephora or on Kat Von D’s website which are absolutely stunning. Take a look at Kat’s amazing artwork below.
Saint and Sinner SephoraI was pretty skeptical about how I was going to like these scents but after learning that these scents were originally discontinued by Kat Von D Beauty and then brought back by the sheer number of requests by fans I was intrigued to try it out.Sinner & Saint_LBL_August (6)Saint is described as soft, alluring, and dreamy on the Sephora website. The key notes of this are vanilla, musk, and jasmine. I am so in love with this scent. I usually don’t like vanilla scents but this one is way more muted and fresh in my opinion. Not sweet like I would usually find in vanilla scents at all. I loved this for the day time because it was just really beautiful and light. You do get that bit of jasmine and musk in there two which are really appealing to me. This is definitely my type of daytime scent. Very soft and clean. Sinner & Saint_LBL_August (3)Sinner is dark, sultry, and empowering according to the Sephora website. Key notes include; patchouli, wood, cinnamon. I think the description of this matches the scent perfectly. It’s definitely the more sexier of the two scents. I really do like this as an evening scent because it packs a punch without being too sweet or overbearing and it will last you the whole night through. Whenever I smell this it really reminds me of Thierry Mugler because it’s unique while totally being wearable. If you remember my post about the Thierry Mugler Event I went a few years ago hosted by Dave Lackie you will know it has some of my favourite fragrances so it’s a compliment on my end to Kat Von D for creating something that is very reminiscent of that.Sinner & Saint_LBL_August (5)So which to do I prefer? Honestly, they both will serve their own purpose. Saint being my every day scent and Sinner as my special occasion smell. Since I would probably wear it more I am leaning towards Saint as my favourite of the two but it only beats Sinner by a hair. Either way, if you love parfums I would completely recommend testing them out the next time you are at Sephora.

Have you tried any of these scents? Which would be your favourite? What do you think of makeup companies diving into fragrances?

Lots of Love,

I received both the Sinner and Saint fragrances complimentary of Influenster, my opinions are my own and honest.