Unboxing Topbox, September 2017

Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box where all the products are from one brand and you know what they are. This month I opted for a surprise box!

I never had a post for August because my parcel got lost in the mail. Topbox did send me a refund for the month but I was bummed that I never received that box because I was supposed to get other items too. Oh well, it happens I guess.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

IBY Highlighter in Bubbly
Mini size $6.28 (1.8g)
I think this highlighter has an interesting amount of peach and I first thought it was a blush. I think my photo makes it look darker than it is in person but it doesn’t appear to be an overly sparkly highlight which I like. I have not swatched this yet but I’m really loving IBY Beauty for a complexion that I’m sure I’m going to enjoy this too.

Avry Beauty Chamomile Gloves
1 pair $1.38 (2 for $2.76)
I’m pretty excited for this hand masks! As the weather turns colder I usually suffer from really dry skin so I’m excited to try these nourishing gloves to help! They are pre-filled with shea butter.

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate treatment
Mini Size $24.00 (15 mL)
I always enjoy receiving Glamglow samples in my boxes because it’s very expensive to purchase the full-size products in my opinion. This gently exfoliates the skin to leave it smoother, brighter and softer. I do like to exfoliate every few weeks to refresh my skin so I’m excited that I got this in my box.

Caudalie VINOPERFECT Radiance Serum Complexion Enhancing
Full Size $89.00 (30 mL), Sample Size $29.67 (10 mL)
Another expensive product that I enjoy receiving my boxes! There are some products from Caudalie that I enjoy, and others that I really don’t think work for me. I hope this one works for me because I can benefit from a complexion corrector.

My Thoughts
I think my box is OK this month. Nothing is really super exciting to me but I do appreciate that I received some skin care and makeup that will be good for me. I’m intrigued with the mask gloves and looking forward to using the Glamglow mask. Total Value of my box; $62.73
Did you receive Topbox for September? What did you get in your box?

Lots of Love,

9 thoughts on “Unboxing Topbox, September 2017

  1. I got the same box! I like all the products but I think I wasn’t wowed by it either, probably because I’ve accumulated so many of those same GlamGlow and Caudalie samples in the past lol. I definitely like getting new stuff to try! The peach highlighter surprised me because it swatches so pretty.

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    • Oh so glad that the highlighter swatches peach. I havent opened mine yet but it looked like it might be dark.

      I love getting GlamGlow products. Caudalie is alright but their sample tubes always feel half empty.


      • It looks super dark in the pan compared to the swatch. It’s actually super pretty. I don’t tend to wear highlighter colours that aren’t the “norm” but I feel like the peachy-ness of it is subtle enough!

        Totally agree that Caudalie’s tubes always feel half empty! What a waste of material! I feel like brands like to do that to create the illusion that there is more product inside than there actually is.

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