This week is the start of something new on the blog for me. I posted a look on instagram and all the makeup that I used to create it. Each day I will do a review of a different product that was part of that look. I hope to do this for every season, or at least as I start playing around with all the new makeup I’ve purchased or received.

This is the look I created for Fall;
One Look, One Week_LBLMost of the products I’m reviewing are from hauls I’ve been sharing over the last few months. I’ve made sure that I tested each item out at least 3 times to get a good impression on how it works on me.

Today I’m reviewing NYX’s Perfect Filter Shadow Palette in Olive You. This is from my September Shopping, Nyx Haul.

Full Face Review_LBL (1)

What it is
Olive and Golden neutrals in matte, metallic and shimmer finishes. There are four other variations of this palette on the NYX website.

$22.00 CAD (.6 oz total). This is probably one of the more reasonably priced palettes in my collection. There is a decent amount of product in here too.

This is in a sturdy but simple plastic case. It has a clear cover and no mirror. It’s nice and compact being approxmately 3×5 inches. I’m perfectly fine with the packaging not being fancy if it saves on the cost and the product inside is good.


Because the palette doesn’t have names for the individual eye shadows I’ve numbered them above and below so you can refer to my hand swatches against the palette pans. The colours are a bit off in the picture above, but I had good lighting for the swatches on my hand below and will give you a better indication of how they look. The olive tones are flattering for my hazel eyes. The colours work perfectly together and although the colours are different from what I have in my collection they are all very wearable “everyday” type of shades. Nothing is too bold or bright but it gives just the right amount of uniqueness. I actually really love this for Fall and think it’s a great change from most of the warm tone or reder shades that are usually popluar for this time of year.

Full Face Review_LBL (19)

Application and Wear
To start off, these shadows are smooth and soft. The mattes blend really easily together and the shimmers just pop. There are a few downsides to this palette that I need to mention here. Firstly, it needs a base. I tried applying these directly onto my eye lid the first time and found that within about 4 hours everything muddied together. It performs a bit better with primer but I actually think I got the best result with concealer/foundation all over the lid before application. Secondly, the shimmer shades have so much fallout! I noticed in the look I created that anything I put on my lid that was shimmery gave me the craziest amount of sparkle under the eye and it only got worse as the day went on. Maybe the shimmer shades need a little Fix+ or glitter glue to hold them in place but I know next time I use this palette I’ll do my eyes first and then my foundation so I can wipe away the glitter fallout. With concealer I felt I could wear this all work day, although it doesn’t really last much longer than that. The shadows do fade slightly as the day wears on.

My Eye Look
(please don’t judge my crazy brows! They serious have a mind of their own – LOL!)


I put my foundation all over the lid and put colour 1 on top as a base. I then blended colour 3 all over my crease as a transistion shade. I put colour 8 on my outter V on the lid and then packed colour 5 on the outter half of my entire lid. In the inner part of my lid I blended in colour 10 and then took the oh so pretty colour 6 into the inner corner. I smudged colour 3 on my lower lid, added mascara and that was that!



  • Easy to blend
  • Interesting but wearable colours
  • Great Fall shades that are NOT berry/red tones
  • Great pigmentation


  • Shimmers have a lot of glitter fallout
  • Need a base to prolong wear
  • Not super long lasting

My Thoughts
I really love this eye shadow palette because it’s different but still super wearable. It’s totally what I plan to rock for Fall. It’s an easy to use palette and you can create a variety of looks using just this palette.

Have you tried any Nyx eye shadows? What’s your favourite?

Lots of Love,