One Look, One Week Reviews; Tarte Shape Tape

I have been wanting to post a review of the Shape Tape Concealer for the longest time. I shared my initial thoughts when I received my Tarte Cosmetics Haul. Since purchasing this I have had so much time to really test it out. I made sure to include this in my Fall look, you can see the completed look here.

I understand the hype around this concealer and know a lot of users swear by it. I, however, have love-hate feelings toward this. Depending on my makeup or how dry my skin feels that day this either works amazing for me or it doesn’t at all! Anyways, on to the review!

What It Is
A full-coverage, vegan, blendable concealer that brightens, smooths & shapes skin (

$35.00 CAD. I only shop at Tarte when they have a sale and they were offering 30% off for Boxing Day so when I saw my shade come back into stock I picked it up!


This is a large tube of concealer. The applicator on the shape tape is way too big in my opinion. When it comes to this formula, a little goes a long way and I find the applicator deposits more concealer onto my face than I might actually need. It also has a dip in the applicator to house more product which I personally don’t like.

This is the second lightest shade in the line and although it matches me well, I think I might be able to wear the lightest shade instead. Depending on the foundation I wear underneath, this can either look super flattering on me or terrible. I think it looks best on me when I wear my pink toned foundations. If I wear a foundation that is more yellow, it only brings out all the yellow in the concealer and I end up looking washed out.

This looks the best with my favourite foundation, Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation. You need to read my review of it here. It looks so good with that foundation in particular on me. It also looks good with Tarte’s Water Foundation which I reviewed in the post before because that shade is neutral.

Full Face Review_LBL (9)

Application & Wear
This is the thickest concealer I own. If I’m wearing a full-coverage foundation I can’t wear this because it just makes me look cakey. I prefer to wear this with medium coverage foundation because I can blend this out easily and it will make the medium coverage feel more full coverage. That’s one thing I like about the shape tape, it does blend out really well and I can wear lighter coverage foundations with this.

One thing I mentioned before is that the shape tape does not completely cancel out my dark circles. It does make them less visible but not more than any of my other concealers. Also, this creases and looks dry on me if I set it with powder my under eyes. Now, I have natural creases under my eyes and my skin is dry. I have to moisturize well under my eyes anyways but this just makes it more apparent if I don’t. I find that using the Tarte maracuja oil under my eyes really helps. The shape tape has shea butter and mango seed butter, both of which are supposed to hydrate the skin but on me, it doesn’t do that.

When I use this to conceal my face I find it provides the best coverage for blemishes and redness around my nose. This is also extremely long lasting which I love.

The Breakdown


  • Blends easily
  • Works perfectly with my fave foundation
  • Long lasting


  • Doesn’t cover dark circles completely
  • Accentuates dryness and creases
  • Applicator is too large

Can you see why it’s such a strange concealer for me? Have you tried the shape tape? What do you think of it?

See you in tomorrow’s post where I review my blush and lipstick in my one look!

Lots of Love,

12 thoughts on “One Look, One Week Reviews; Tarte Shape Tape

    • I have two that I actually think do a very good job at covering dark circles on me, one is the Maybelline age rewind and the other is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I don’t colour correct and I’ve found these two concealers work good for me. Have you tried either of them? I’m always on the hunt for a new concealer too!


  1. I’ve been interested in this concealer since everyone raves about it, but it’s good to know that you found this a bit drying and creases under your eyes – I often have that problem with undereye concealers. Also, colour matching is a concern for me I would have to guess for online shopping! Thanks for the review!

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    • Sometimes it works for me so it’s really hard for me to completely hate on it but when it doesn’t work it really doesn’t look that great. I know one time I used it and it just really made my eyes look so terribly that I had to was my whole face and start all over again.

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  2. I haven’t tried this but would love to so I can see what all the fuss is about lol. But then I read reviews like this that mention it can accentuate dryness and creases and then I feel like I shouldn’t try it afterall!

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    • I totally bought into the hype and then really didn’t think that it was as amazing as most make this out to be. Plus the only option to get this in Canada is to buy it online through either Tarte’s website or Ulta so you have to take a guess at what might match your skin tone. I would probably get it again when it’s on sale to use for my face otherwise I just prefer to use other concealers for under my eyes.


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