Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette: Palette Collection Review Series

With the VIB Sale on at Sephora, I thought it appropriate to post my thoughts on Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinner palette if you were debating whether to pick this up or not. I’ve always snoozed on the Kat Von D limited edition palettes in the past and regretted it, but this year I bought the palette the moment it was released.

What it is
An ultra-limited eyeshadow palette with 12 Saint and 12 Sinner shades inspired by the vibrantly stained glass windows of gothic cathedrals. (Sephora.ca)
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL3Price
$83.00 CAD (.96 oz total). This palette is very pricey but you get 24 shades in large pan sizes. If you were to get this during the sale it would be $66.40 (20% off) for VIB and VIB Rouge and $70.55 (15% off) for beauty insiders.
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL2
Keeping with the theme of the palette, this looks like a cathedral window with Kat’s signature design. It’s a nice thick style cardboard that feels very sturdy. It has two mirrors on each side of the flaps. Although the packaging is beautiful, it’s not very practical. I enjoy compact palettes that I can store but this one is too bulky.
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL8Colours
These colours do remind me of stained glass. When I first saw this palette I was a bit unsure how the colours would work together, but playing around with it in person, I can easily build together a lot of cohesive looks. For me, the colours are really fun and bold. Usually, palettes have one or two bold shades but this palette is full of them!

I do want to note that two of the colours I’ve noticed are patchy. Those colours are worship and crucifix on the saint side. For my look below, I really needed to build up worship and the only way I got the colour to work was when I switched to my Inglot 26P brush (see it here) because it’s small and dense. It’s just a bummer that these colours don’t perform as well as the others.


Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL5Saint has more “everyday” type shades. I love the mix of cool and warm shades.
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL9 My favourite shades on this side of the palette include; sacred heart, heaven and cathedral.

For my look, I put amen all over the lid and blended sacred heart into the crease. I then added worship over the lid and on my lower lid. On the outer edge of my eyelid, I added sanctuary. I used a bit more of amen on the inner eye to make it brighter. I put absolution on the inner half of my eyelid for some sparkle and finished it off with Lancome’s Monsieur Big for very bold lashes.


Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL6
The sinner colours are way more bold and unique. These colours really pop.
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL10I think this side of the palette is a great way to incorporate more fun shades into your collection. My favourite shades include; rapture, vestment, ministry and relic.

To create the look above, I started with baptism from the Saint side all over the lid. I then blended devil in the crease and on the outer half of my eyelid. After, I placed stigmata over devil to intensify the red on the outer eyelid and put relic all over the inner half of my eyelid and mimicked those colours on my lower lid. For mascara, I used Benefit’s Roller Lash in brown.

What makes this palette exceptional is the formula and the finishes. There are mattes, which Kat Von D is famous for and gorgeous shimmer shades. There are also two shades (absolution and rapture) which are glitters that are meant to be used as shadow toppers. I didn’t think I was going to love absolution because it doesn’t swatch well but on top of shadow, it really pops.

Application & Wear
These shadows apply well and blend easily together. The pigmentation is phenomenal and the shades look so vibrant. They also feel soft and creamy. I’m always inspired to create a new look. I use a primer (Urban Decay’s primer potion) with the colours to ensure they last all day. The formula is very powdery and I do experience fallout so I apply this eyeshadow before foundation.

Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL4



  • Fun and inspiring colours
  • Great pigmentation
  • Easy to blend


  • Bulky packaging
  • Worship and crucifix are patchy
  • Some fallout

My Thoughts
If you are debating between all the holiday or newer palettes that have been released lately, this is a great one to pick up. I’ve tried other palettes from Kat Von D and this is up there with the quality and uniqueness of the shades. I’m so happy I picked up this palette and would say it’s worth the buy, especially during the sale.

What do you think of this Palette? What are you planning to get during the Sephora sale?

Lots of Love,


21 thoughts on “Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette: Palette Collection Review Series

  1. I really love the Saint side of this palette! I’m really drawn to the colours. KVD makes such gorgeous looking palettes, always lots of beautiful shades too. I love the looks you created!! It’s too bad about the 2 patchy shades. Worship is one of the prettiest shades too so that’s a bummer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! KVD is amazing with her formula, it’s a bummer two could have used more work but overall it’s a good palette. I am totally clgoibg to create fun holiday looks using this, I think it’s probably the best time to use those bolder shades of the Sinner side.


      • I love bold shades but am nervous about my skills when applying them haha so I usually stay away even if I admire them from the palette! I bet you would create some amazing holiday looks with this!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I was nervous about using bold shades too but you just need to dive into it! I found it easy to start with just adding a bold colour to my lower lashline to get comfortable with it. You would look so good in some bold shades! This is definitely my holiday go to!


      • I just feel like I’m not good at applying it! It’s much more obvious when you do a bad job when it’s bolder colours lol. I just have to practice more I think!


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