Bye Bye Empties, October 2017

So again, I guess it’s better late than never getting this post up. October was really beautiful and warm for the most part. We celebrate Thanksgiving in October here in Canada so I enjoyed spending time with family. I didn’t do much for Halloween, other than dressing up for an office Halloween party, but I did watch scary movies and shows every day leading up to Halloween. Now I’m ready for Holidays!

On to the empties!


I enjoyed using Neutrogena’s All-in-One Make-Up Wipes. These work OK on their own, but I found them most effective after I washed my face to remove any lingering makeup. The sheets are large, thick and fairly soft. I will be repurchasing this.

I also tried one of my three Bio Belle facial masks. The one I used was #beautysecret. I received this in my June Boxycharm and I’m pretty happy with how it left my skin moisturized. I’m excited to try the other two I still have.

Haircare and Bodycare

I used up my Dove Coconut & Hydration Conditioner. I’ve mentioned before in many other empties posts that I love the Dove line for my dry hair. This one, in particular, has a pleasant scent and always left my hair really soft. I know for sure I’m going to continue to purchase Dove shampoo and conditioners.

Another item that keeps popping up in my empties posts is Yves Rocher’s Jardin du Monde Soft Shower Cream. The Cotton Flower from India is a scent that I really love because it’s floral and fresh. I love the way these lather up and are gentle on the skin. Of course, I always use this for bubble baths too. I’ve switched up my shower gels for November, but I do keep backups of this.

Makeup Tool

OK, so this isn’t an empty per say but I was so disappointed in Pur’s Blend Squad. I got the 3 piece blending sponges in my April Boxycharm. I was excited initially because I liked the shape of these sponges and was hoping it would be soft like my Beauty Blender when wet. Unfortunately, this sponge is so stiff and I had a hard time blending in my makeup with it. So, after one use I’m tossing this and the other two sponges out.


I have a large jar of the Nivea 2 in 1 moisturizing primer but I didn’t want this little packet to go to waste so I used it up. I love Nivea products because they are hydrating for my skin. This one is great because it hydrates and primes and I find that my makeup applies easily whenever I use this.

I usually love all of bliss products but unfortunately, that’s incredi-peel was a bit too harsh and irritating for my skin. I won’t be purchasing the full size but I’m happy I tried the sample beforehand to figure that out.

I got this sample of GlamGlow’s nude glow mega illuminating moisturizer in my Sephora haul back in September. It reminds me of the Becca Backlight Primer because it has that same type of scent (they both smell like Children’s Flinestone Vitamins) and did the same thing. They both make my skin glowy and work nicely under foundation or as a light highlight. They are about the same price, but I like that the Glamglow comes in three shades.

Lastly, I tried the Tocca Body Wash in Giulietta. I love the scent of ylang-ylang and that’s one of the notes in this fragrance body wash. I’m definitely getting this in the full size.

These were the items I used up in October! Some items I really loved and others I was severely disappointed in. What have you used up in October?

Lots of Love,

11 thoughts on “Bye Bye Empties, October 2017

  1. Don’t feel bad, I’m soooo late with my empties, I’ve got stuff from August onward to sort through. 😮

    I have a small pack of those Neutrogena wipes yet to try out – I hope I like it!

    I’ve never tried Dove haircare, I’m going to give it a try! My worry is always whether it will weigh down my hair.

    Too bad about the Pur’s blending sponge. I have a few duds from recent months too. I hate tossing out nearly new sponges but life’s too short to waste on trying to make them work! I don’t like bouncing rocks on my face, thank you very much! 😛

    I love the Tocca Giulietta scent! I have a mini perfume sample of it that I got a couple of years ago. Check out the Sephora Black Friday deals because they typically offer something with that scent. 🙂


    • Whoa! I’m sure there are a lot of empties from August!

      I have really dry hair so I need shampoo like Dove. I’m sure their line has something for everyone but most I think are centered around moisturizing. If you’re hair is normal it would still be good but I wouldn’t suggest it for oily hair types.

      I sucks about the sponge because I got three of them so it would have been nice to use to save me from buying any sponges but oh well. Luckily there are a few good and cheap ones out there.

      Ive only ever tried the Tocca Giulietta body wash and when I went to buy it at Sephora it’s currently sold out! I’ll hold off getting anything until black Friday! I would definitely pick up a perfume or something in the scent. It’s soon good! Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. My empties posts are always late lol I never have time to take photos! Hopefully soon I can lol. I haven’t tried that version of the Dove shampoo but I love Dove too and anything coconut so now I’m thinking it’s a must try!!

    I have a PUR sponge too and it’s so hard! I’ve never actually used it but I’ve never felt the need to. I suppose I should try it just so I can say I did but I can’t believe how hard it is. Definitely doesn’t entice me to try it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It gets harder as the days get darker early which makes it difficult for me to take photos and that delays my posts too! Haha! I don’t know how you do the daily insta posts! But good on you!

      If you love Dove definitely try this one! So good!

      Try the PUR sponge maybe you can figure out how to make it work. I really didn’t like it, I will usually try a sponge for 3-4 uses before making an ultimate decision but I couldn’t use this one at all.


      • I appreciate the compliment but I’m always behind on my Insta posts! XD I’m having the same problem with no good time to take photos. 😦 It’s easier to take a quick pic for Instagram though then taking a bunch for blog photos. *sigh*

        I’ll probably try the PUR one eventually. I definitely won’t be reaching for it on a day that I need good makeup. It will have to be a playing around at home kind of day lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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