I’m super excited to share this review of a cool new way I’ve been cleaning and drying my brushes. A few weeks ago, I was offered the ability to test out the Brush Bar and Brush Board*. As someone who enjoys cleaning their makeup brushes, I jumped at the opportunity!

So what is the Brush Bar?


A brush drying tool with 10 prongs to secure your brushes upside-down while they dry to prevent water from entering the barrel and dissolving the glue.

And what is the Brush Board?

A two-sided brush exfoliator made of firm material to maximize your brush cleaning. There are 6 different textures to scrub around the bristles. In the photos below, I’ve included the little description card that explains what each compartment does.



I was also sent the Brush Bubbly which is a gentle makeup cleanser to use with the Brush Board.


I love the way the Brush Bar and Board were packaged inside of velour carrying cases. It makes it great for storage and is a really nice touch.

What did I think?

The Brush Board is firm so I was able to hold it while I cleaned my brushes. My cleaning technique was to put a little dollop of the Brush Bubbly on the board with a little bit of water and then lathered up each brush. I like the gentleness of this makeup cleanser. Alternately, you can use baby shampoo.


Since the edges of the board are high, the soapy water is contained in each section which made it perfect for lathering up each brush without having to keep my facet running.

I really like that this board is a firm material. I have other brush exfoliators that are silicone but this one feels really sturdy and I can feel the cones and waves working deeply into each brush.

After I lathered all my brushes with soap, I went back and used the various textures on both sides to deep clean and then rinse each of them. In the end, I used the cone side to brush out the bristles from any remaining water. The cone texture is recommended at the end because it helps the brushes dry quickly.


Following that, I put each brush upside down in the prongs for drying on the Brush Bar. The design of these prongs allows for you to hold 2 small, 6 medium and 2 large size brushes.

When the Brush Bar is not in use, you can fold the prongs onto the inside of the board which helps prevent them from getting damaged while storing. Both the Brush Bar and the Brush Board have a sleek design that doesn’t take too much space in my cabinets. I would probably get another board for myself so that I can dry more brushes at one time.


The Bar itself has a nice weight so that it will hold the brushes securely while they dry. As long as the brushes are hanging off a flat, straight surface you don’t need to worry about them falling. The prongs easily open to insert my brushes and the rubber tip help grip the barrels.


My bathroom gets a lot of traffic, so I moved the bar to my kitchen counter where I was able to hang these from an unused corner to dry. You can hang these off a counter, desk, shelf, chair, or any other flat surface. If you have a bathtub, you could also hang it on the inside edge, that way when the water drips it goes directly down the drain.


Before trying this product, I used to tie each brush onto my towel hanger in my bathroom which worked, but this is a lot more convenient because I can hang my brushes in a dry place out of the way. I also love that each brush is separated so it dries quicker.

My Thoughts

The Brush Bar and the Brush Board have made cleaning more fun and easy for me!


The Brush Bar is great for quickly drying my brushes upside down without taking up too much space on my counter and is easy to store. This holds the brushes securely and out of the way. If you use makeup brushes all the time and regularly clean them, then this is definitely worth the investment.

I was pretty surprised at how much I’d like the Brush Board. Since I have a few other brands of brush exfoliators, I didn’t expect to be as wowed by this as I am. I think the 6 different scrubbers are perfect for all the different ways you might want to deep clean your brushes and the sturdiness of the board itself makes cleaning so much easier. The board is really easy to hold in one hand while sweeping the brushes with the other. I actually would recommend this over the Sigma one that I had reviewed a few years back, you can see that review here.

The Brush Bubbly is maybe the only product I could do without only because you can purchase your own cleanser from the drug store, but it still worked really well.

For more information and to order, go to getbrushbar.com They are based out of the US and ship internationally!

You can use coupon code BEAUTYLOVES15 for 15% off your first purchase! This is a non-affiliate code, but a sweet offer from The Brush Bar Company to all of you!

Let me know what you think of these items. How do you like cleaning your makeup brushes?

Lots of Love,


*Items mentioned have been sent to me for reviewing purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.