Unboxing BoxyCharm, February 2018

Price: $21.00 USD (+$5.00 shipping to Canada)
Number of items: 4-5 full-size items

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box of full-size makeup, skincare and beauty tools. The theme for this month is “Galaxy Glow”.

In the middle of February, BoxyCharm sent me (and likely other Canadian subscribers) an email to expect the box a little later usual because a change in customs policy delayed the box a few days. When my box arrived I noticed a more in-depth declaration label than it usually has. I wonder if BoxyCharm had to redo the declarations so that they could pass through Canadian Customs and that caused the delay. Anyways, I really appreciate that BoxyCharm sent the email to give me a heads up! I would have been worried that my box might have gone missing had they not sent an email. My box was about a week later than usual. I hope that this doesn’t affect future shipments moving forward.

On to what I received!

Prices are in American Dollars, converted to Canadian at the end

Ofra Cosmetics Pop-Up Mini Palette and Blush Godett Refill in Winter Gold Rose
Palette Retail Price: $19.00 US
Blush Retail Price: $12.00 US


The pop-up palette is a magnetic palette for you to put depotted pans into. I think this would fit about 12  standard eyeshadows. I like the style of this palette and how the magnet feels pretty strong. I have a few pans that I’ve depotted over the years so I can use them in something like this.


I love that a blush was included with the palette and it’s a beautiful everyday natural type of colour! It’s a nude rose that would look nice during the summer when my skin is a bit more tanned. I look forward to trying this.

Cover FX Shimmer Veil in Amethyst
Retail Price: $28.00 US


Oh man! I wish I got this guy during the holidays when I was needing something like this for all those holiday parties I attended! Either way, I’m still happy with it now. This is a creamy pale purple shadow with silver micro-glitter that would look cute all over the eyelid in the spring! It’s not as intense as the glitter shadows from Stila so I feel I would wear it a lot more.

UnboxingBoxyCharm_Feb_2018_LBL5tested this on my eyes a day ago and I like that it didn’t crease. The formula is light and creamy but and colour is opaque. It applies evenly over my eyelids. This is the only “glow” product I received in the box.

Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil in Black
Retail Price: $21.00 US


Can’t go wrong with a nice black liner in my books! I didn’t swatch this because I have my Marc Jacobs liner I’m trying to empty from my Project Pan for 2018 so I didn’t want to open this. Hopefully it’s an intense black  that is creamy and long lasting.

Pur the Complexion Authority X-Faux Lip Plumping Exfoliator
Retail Price: $17.00 US


I’ve never seen a plumbing lip exfoliator before but I’m very intrigued by this. I love lip plumpers but the ones I own are in lip gloss form and all of my lip exfoliators are in jars. I like is that this is a twist up pen which should make application easier and more hygienic. I wonder if I’ll see a difference with this plumping my lips. I will test this out and let you all know what I think! 

Crown Pro Trio Brush Set
Retail Price: $29.99 US


I was immediately excited about the medium sized brush in this set because I imagine it would be perfect for blending out concealer. It just has the right amount of density for me that I would think it would be great for that. The large sized brush would be great to powder under the eyes or as a blush brush and the small sized brush would be good to apply eyeshadow.


I am quite obsessed with brushes and these ones are super soft and really light. The only downside is the handles are really chunky which makes it harder for me to store them in my brush roll.



My Thoughts

Although this box doesn’t go along with the glow theme, I still think the items are good. I am happy with the brushes and Ofra palette and the blush. Total Value of my box, $126.99 ($163.72)!

Did you get BoxyCharm this month? Did you experience any delays in shipping? What items did you get?

Lots of Love,

15 thoughts on “Unboxing BoxyCharm, February 2018

  1. The mineral veil and the lip exfoliator were my most useful products, and I wish I had got the ofra blush/palette instead of the naked highlighting palette. I’m kind of over the intensely coloured highlights.

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  2. Oh man, I wanted to buy that Ofra Pop-Up Mini Palette! Story time: I saw that randomly at some beauty store when I visited West Edmonton Mall last Fall and I was so psyched that they actually sold Ofra products in person. Well, you know my love of refillable palettes so I was so interested in buying that. But the guy manning the store couldn’t find the sku and didn’t know how much it cost. He told me to come back tomorrow when the manager was in… um, I’m on vacation, I can’t come back tomorrow! 😥 I left the store empty handed and defeated – my SO was sitting outside and asked me why I didn’t buy anything. That’s the story of how I couldn’t buy that Ofra palette and ruined my trip to West Edmonton Mall!

    Enough about me. 😛 This box is outstanding! I’m liking the look of those Crown brushes – they look like fluffy marshmallows. That Cover FX cream eye shadow looks like a stunner too.


    • I would have been so bummed too. I would have also been pretty pissed that the sku was missing. If you were able to find Ofra at West Edmonton Mall I wonder if there might be a store that sells them in Toronto. I’m not sure if Winners/Marshalls has ever carried them. If you know what you want you could try buying it online, I found this website on their distributors list and it’s in Mississauga https://countonusstore.ca I’m not sure if there is a physical store.

      Anyways, it’s a pretty cool palette and the blush is nice.

      The box is pretty good, I’m using the brushes already and they are so soft. I’m also pretty happy either Cover FX shimmer veil, perfect colour for Spring.


  3. I’ve only tried one Ofra eyeshadow which was from Ipsy a long time ago and I’ve been using it since. The quality is really good. I would love to collect more of their eyeshadows for sure.

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