Over the last year, I embarked on a Project Pan where I attempted to use up 18 makeup items in my collection. This was great because it pushed me to use up items that were being neglected. In the end I completely emptied one item but put a good dent in others as well.

To keep it simple I’ve split this up into two parts, what I’m keeping and what I’m throwing out. Unfortunately, I had to stop using a lot of items in my project pan because they had started to go bad or I really wasn’t enjoying them. So even though not everything is technically empty, I’ll be tossing them out.

If you are interested in reading my previous posts in the Project Pan Series you can check them out here.

I guess the question is whether I’ll embark on this next year. I don’t think I will BUT I have devised another way to use up my makeup throughout the year. I’ll share this new project in January.

Items I’m Keeping


A lot of the items that will be going back into my makeup collection are powder products. I hit pan on my Physician’s Formula BB Bronzer but it crumbled shortly afterward so I had to repress it (that’s why it looks so weird now). Other items such as my Tarte Amazonian Clay Highlight and MAC Cosmetics blush are still going strong so I plan on keeping them.

Many of my lipsticks are being thrown out but my  Estee Lauder Lipstick is still in good condition that I’m going to hold on to it a few more weeks. The formula still feels good and it’s a colour I love wearing. The Fresh Lip Scrub and CoverFX Custom Drops are also good so I’m keeping and using them.

Items I’m Throwing Out


The items in this pile are old and/or expired. My lips are pretty sensitive to formulas and I don’t want to break-out by using a lot of the items here. Many of the lip items including the Teeez Cosmetics Lipstick, Too Faced Melted Lipstick, and Bite Beauty Lip Crayon have a strange scent or the formula seems to have gotten old.  The Marc Jacobs Eyeliner is not one that I really liked in the first place so I’m not sad to see this go.

It felt really good to finally toss a lot of these out because I was tired of holding onto them.

That’s the round-up of items I am keeping and throwing out from my Project Pan. Overall, I feel that if I didn’t do the Project Pan a lot of these items might still be sitting in my makeup collection gathering dust. I think this is a great way of committing to using what was in my collection rather than just purchasing new items.

Will you be embarking on Project Pan in 2019?

Lots of Love,