2019 Blog Goals!

Happy New Year!

It’s finally 2019 and I wanted to share some goals I have for the blog! There are some things that I’m going to be doing differently in 2019 and I thought it wold be fun to keep you in the loop! I’ve never really set a goal for the blog, I just like to keep things fun. This year, I think it’ll be good to challenge myself to reach some of the goals below.

If you have any goals for your blog, I’d love to know them!

Collage_Blog Goals

My 2019 Blog Goals!

  1. Makeup No Buy. Yes, I’m going to attempt this. I have so many products in my makeup collection that I haven’t even opened and I get monthly subscription boxes full of new items. I think I can handle not purchasing any new makeup unless I must. For instance, if a makeup item runs out and I don’t have a back up of it, then I’ll purchase. Otherwise, no shopping for me!
  2. More Reviews. As I go through the makeup I have in my collection, I’ll try to post more reviews. I was looking at my previous posts and I average about 2 reviews a month. I want to increase that to 3-4.
  3. More Random Posts. I loved sharing my Summer Walk at High ParkΒ and I think it will be fun to change things up once in a while and add a post that is not beauty related but more just about my day to day.
  4. Changing up my Project Pan. This is going to be a fun challenge for me. I’m going to set up a monthly project pan for myself rather than a yearly one. This will ensure I rotate through my makeup items and I won’t get bored of using the same products. Look out for my January post with more details on that.

Lots of Love,

16 thoughts on “2019 Blog Goals!

  1. You and I are on the same wavelength for goal #1 – while I’m not putting myself on a complete no buy (only for lipstick) like you I want to use what I have and only repurchase if I run out of something! I have a post coming up with goals etc. tomorrow on my blog πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year Dal!

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  2. Happy new year Dal!
    Good luck with your No Buy! I’m planning on doing one for myself too. I’m just overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I own that I barely use. I’m really hoping to not hit Sephora Rouge level for 2019.


    • Happy New Year!!!!

      That’s exactly why I am putting myself on a no-buy. I need to avoid Sephora and just use what I have. It’s just so hard when there is a new exciting makeup release but I’m going to see how well I can do. I have way to much stuff that needs to get used up!

      Good luck with your no-buy πŸ™‚


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