This post has been a long time coming because I truly enjoy Nudestix! I’ve mentioned them here and there and I did a review of the Nudestix Gel Lip & Cheek Balm when I included it in my Project Pan Monthly for January, but I really wanted to devote a post to the products that I have.

I have two Nude(art)ist sets; the Jet Setter Set and the Rose Gold Set that I’ll be sharing in this post.

The Jetsetter Set is a mix of eye and lip crayons as well as a Nudies All over Face Stick. The Rose Gold Set is a collection of eye crayons.

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What it is

First off, Nudestix is a Canadian brand started by two sisters and their mom. Their crayons for the face, eyes and lips add a touch of colour to enhance your natural look. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free.

The Jetsetter Set is a limited edition exclusive palette curated by celebrity make-up artist Mary Phillips. With a collection of warm bronzy tones from nude to deep, for anyone looking for the perfect travel makeup essentials. (

The Rose Gold Set is bubbly pink and gold magnetic nudes for an elevated natural look. (

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The Jetsetter Set –  $75.00 CAD (includes 6 makeup crayons for the eyes and lips, and a Nudies stick)

The Rose Gold Set – $65.00 CAD (includes 6 makeup crayons for the eyes)

Regularly, one lip or eye crayon is $28.00 CAD and the Nudies All Over Face Stick is $33.00 CAD each, so you save over $100 by buying them in the sets. Also, the Jetsetter set came with a zippered pouch which would increase its value. If you’re going to get Nudestix products, I suggest you buy them in sets like this.


Each Nudestix item purchased comes in a mirrored metal tin with a sharpener. The sharpener can double as a lid so you can take a stick on the go if you wished.

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The Nudies All Over Face Stick is a bit different. It has a twist up applicator so you don’t need a sharpener. One side is the produce and the other side has a brush. The brush is a bit stiff so I prefer to use another brush to blend it out but it does work if you’re in a pinch, as long as you use it with light pressure. You can always use your fingers too, which is what I like to do too.

I really think the packaging is cute. The tins help keep the sticks steady inside my makeup box at home and if I take them on the go I know they’ll be protected. The only downside is that the tins are the perfect size for just the 6 sticks so I can’t put the two sets together if I wanted.


The shades in all the Nudestix eyes, lip or cheek items fall into more of the natural or everyday makeup category. They don’t have really bold or bright colours (although thinking of it now, could really work in their formula).

The Jetsetter Set

The Jet Setter Set_Nudestix

This set includes items for eyes, lips & cheecks. I can easily put together a pretty look for the day or use some of the darker and bronzy shades to create a nice sultry evening look. The eye sticks can be worn as shadows or as eyeliner. The two lipsicks can be worn on the lips or cheeks. I’ve worn Pulse numerous times as blush and like using Posh as a blush topper when I want an extra glow.

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The Nudies stick is a nice natural rose, it’s described as a neutral nude. This is almost like a blush/bronzer hybrid so I find that I can put this over my cheeks and a bit around my temples and it gives me a healthy glow. I love this shade! It’s very natural, true skin-tone type of blush. You can even wear it on the eyes or lips, I think it looks so pretty as a crease shade so I’ve used it for that so many times.

The Rose Gold Set

The Rose Gold Set_Nudestix

These are all eye shadow sticks. Although the colours are similar the tones are different enough that wearing one versus the other does change my overall makeup look. I like that these are light and shimmery which makes them great for day time and I think it really compliments a lot of the darker shades in the Jetsetter Set.

I like colours like Angel and Gilt because they double as highlight. Although there is only one dark matte shade, Fig,  it works perfectly as eyeliner or as an eyeshadow to help deepen the look.

Application & Wear

These are so creamy and easy to blend and the formula is consistent across the board. I love a nice everyday look and it’s so easy for me to put one together fairly quickly using only these sticks. I also find the wear time to be pretty good, especially on the eyeshadow sticks (last about 6-7 hours). I usually don’t apply primer, but if I did, I know they’d last longer. What’s nice is that it just gives me a natural look, so even as it fades out it doesn’t look like I was wearing a lot of makeup, to begin with.

The lipsticks are pigmented and apply bold on the lips. Since this is in a crayon form I find them easy to apply and they are super comfortable to wear. When applying them on my cheeks I dot a bit of colour on the apple of my cheek and along my cheekbone and then blend it with my fingers.

The eye sticks are easy to just sweep over the eyes directly from the stick or I can apply it with my finger for a more natural look. They easily blend with the fingers but sometimes I go in with a brush just because it’s quicker.

One thing I have found with Nudestix is that less is more. Usually using 1 to 2 shades gives me the best results vs layering more and more colours. Because they are creamy shades, the more that you put on your lids, the higher chance it will crease or wear out.

My Look

completed look

From the Rose Gold Set I used Fig in the crease and the lower lash line. I then took Rustique from The Jetsetter Set and put it all over the lid. I then used Cocoa on the outer edge of my lid, keeping it close to my lid. Going back to the Rose Gold Set, I added Nudity as an inner corner highlight and Spirit in the inner half of my lid.

My Thoughts

If you’ve ever thought about trying Nudestix I definitely think they are worth checking out, especially if you like natural, easy-to-apply makeup. The formula and pigmentation are really good and it’s so easy to take these where ever you go. I personally like that a lot of the sticks can be used for multiple things so if I don’t want to use a million different products that day I don’t have to.

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Have you tried Nudestix? What’s your favourite item from the brand? What do you think of makeup in a stick form?

Lots of Love,