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FabfitFun (“FFF”) is a seasonal subscription service with beauty, skincare, fitness, health, jewelry and other items. The box comes with a magazine that shares articles on life, health, beauty etc. as well as details on all the products in the box. The boxes are valued at over $200 US.

For prices and membership breakdown head over to my first FabFitFun post, Winter 2019 Edition here. You can also see what I got in my  Spring 2020 Edition box here and my Starter Box here.

I am an annual member so I am able to chose 5 out of the 8 items in the box. I’ll include a note if this was something I chose or if it was an item that the FabFitFun team chose for me. If you’d like to see all the items offered in this season’s box, head over to FFF post here.

On to what I got!

Pottery Barn Mason Ceramic Diffuser in Solstice
MSRP: $59.00 USD
I chose this item

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The scents of this diffuser are bergamot, geranium, and vetiver. At first, I thought about giving this to someone else because I don’t have space in my home to put it. I decided, in the end, I would put this in my bathroom because I thought it would look nice in there and add some nice scents. I read some reviews on the Pottery Barn website that it didn’t have a strong scent so I think it will work in a space like my bathroom. I haven’t put it out just yet but I will be soon.

Michael Kors Bedford Travel Passport Wallet
MSRP: $78.00 USD
I chose this item

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OOOH, how I wish I could travel right now! This keeps your passport, credit cards and boarding pass organized. I thought this would be perfect for travelling to protect my wallet. While I was in Jamaica last year, the humidity started to moisten and bend my passport so I thought it was a good idea to keep my passport in a sturdy case. Plus, it’s a great way to hold on to my boarding pass as well and keep everything I need when travelling in one place.

Tom’s Sydney Sunglasses
MSRP: $58.00 USD
I chose this item

FFF_Summer2020_LBL (10)

When I got to the selections of products in this category I wasn’t sure what to chose. My sister suggested I get the sunglasses. I like Toms as a brand and what they stand for. I also really love their shoes as my summer go-to staples. I appreciate that through purchasing this box, FFF donated $50,000 to help fund a vision centre in Bangladesh. The sunglasses are retro-inspired and very cute. They are too big for my face though so I can’t really wear them. I’ll have to pass them along to someone else.

Zoe Ayla Ice Roller
MSRP: $30.00 USD
I chose this item

FFF_Summer2020_LBL (9)

I wasn’t sure why I chose this item at first but then when I looked at the options I remembered how I didn’t really care for any of the items they were offering. The other options in this category were a satin pillow cover, which I would have hated the texture of, or a toner and I have too much skincare right now.


My sister also gets the FFF box so I am going to trade the ice roller for a vase that I originally wanted.

Grace & Stella Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum
MSRP: $25.00 USD
I chose this item

FFF_Summer2020_LBL (6)

If I see hyaluronic acid anywhere I’m going to pick it up! This improves the skin’s moisture balance and texture. The ingredients look good to me and I’m excited to use it. I did use this a few times and I will say that the serum is very liquid and I don’t love the pump because it squirts serum everywhere but does leave my skin hydrated which is most important.

Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Taupe Eyebrow Pencil
MSRP: $16.00 USD
FFF chose this item

FFF_Summer2020_LBL (5)

I have brown brow hairs so it works well with this shade but I’m not sure how it would work for someone with blond or black hair. I do like how this applies and I like brow products that have a thicker pencil because my eyebrows are thick.

Cali Cosmetics Foot Cream with Menthol in Tarocco
MSRP: 24.00 USD
FFF chose this item

FFF_Summer2020_LBL (2)

This has a combination of menthol and olive oil to help heal and hydrate your feet. I have very few foot creams so I was happy to get this because I love moisturizing my feet, especially in the winter.

Spongelle Coconut Verbena Hand Cream
MSRP: $18.00 USD
FFF chose this item

FFF_Summer2020_LBL (1)

This has a blend of hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and macadamia seed oils but they may be lower concentrations as they are much lower on the ingredient list. I like to keep hand cream around my place especially during the wintertime because my hands always feel so dry.

There you have it, my FabFitFun Summer box. Some items I’ve really excited for is the wallet holder, the ice roller, the hylauronic acid serum and the brow pencil. There is a nice variety of items from home decor, accessories, skincare, and makeup. Overall, not a bad box.

Total Value: $308.00 USD ($419.86 CAD)

Do you subscribe to FabFitFun? What did you receive in your Spring 2020 Box?

Lots of Love,