In early June I shared a haul from Shoppers Drug Mart where I had purchased a bunch of new skincare items from Indeed Laboratories (Indeed Labs). I picked up a few products to try from their line that I was hoping would improve my skin and target areas of concern for me. Since then I’ve been using these exclusively over the last month and I wanted to share my thoughts.

Indeed Labs is a Canadian skincare company that focuses on proven active ingredients with no paraben, perfumes, and low quality ingredients. What I love is that this is affordable as well, with most products being in the $20- $25 CAD range. Compared to other skincare products I have purchased these performed extremely well on my skin and I would be comfortable re-purchasing them again. You can also find Indeed Labs on Ulta, Boots and Asos.

Exfoliator II

Let’s start with the first step in my skincare routine, cleansing. At first I thought this was going to be a physical exfoliator which I do enjoy using from time to time, however, the formula is much more interesting. This starts off as a powder but when you add water to this it creates this super creamy and gentle foamy paste. You then massage the paste into your skin for about 1 minute and rinse off. There were no harsh exfoliants and felt gentle on my skin.

About a quarter teaspoon is enough for my whole face. Active ingredients include; pineapple enzymes, rice bran extract and hyaluronic acid. I found that using this really improved the texture of my skin. It felt smoother and appeared more even. It also helped reduce the appearance of blackheads around my nose as well.

Collagen Booster

Next step in my routine would be to add a few drops of serum. I would use the collagen booster day and night to help reduce the appearance of fine l lines. This has ingredients meant to hydrate and plump the skin and leave it looking it supple and smooth. It’s very creamy and easily spreads over the skin. I really enjoyed how it made me feel like my skin was instantly hydrated and plump.

Hydraluron Moisture Serum

In the morning I’ll mix my collagen serum with the hydraluron moisture serum to help boost the moisture on my skin. The serum has hylauronic acid to hydrate the skin and red marine algae to support cell turnover. I liked the texture of the serum because it is a bit thicker which makes applying it to the skin easier. Sometimes I felt like just the collagen and hydraluron serums were enough to leave my skin hydrated throughout the day. Even now as I think about my skin I feel like it’s way more supple these last few weeks than it has been.

Retinol Reface Skin Resurfacer

For my night time routine I swapped out the hydralon serum and mixed my collagen serum with the retinol reface. This has retinol, bakuchiol (a plant-based alternative to retinol) and retinol – like peptides (like retinol but less irritating to the skin). I absolutely love this product. One or two pumps worked really well. I started noticing the other day that the small lines on my forehead were not as prominent and that my smile lines didn’t feel as deep. This can be due to a multitude of things including diet and not being outside facing environmental aggressors but I think this product has something to do with it too.

The only thing I wasn’t the fan off was the pump on this packaging. Sometimes I’d have difficulty pumping out some product and I’d have to push the product down in the packaging. At first I thought maybe I had run out of product but then realized there was still a lot in there. Not that it is a big deal since you can remove the cap all together but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone else bought this and experienced the same issue.

Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

After applying serum, I mostly used hydraluron in the evenings for added hydration over night but I did from time to time apply this in the morning too. This has hyaluronic acid as well as other ingredients to help moisturize and brighten the skin. The packaging is fantastic because it’s an air-less pump with a wide base which makes it easy to pump out as much as I need and sweep it off the top of the container to apply to my skin. How I love a design like this leaps and bounds over a traditional jar!

The product itself is very jelly-like. I would compare it to the jelly you might get from an aloe vera plant. It’s thick but still light and viscous. It applies smoothly over my skin and when used with the other serums listed above my skin feels super hydrated. The only thing is that because this is a jelly formula and doesn’t absorb into the skin as quickly as other creams I have. If I apply makeup on top of this product the makeup might stick to some areas. Lately, I haven’t been wearing face makeup except for eyeliner and mascara anyways so it’s not too big of an issue but it’s something to make note of.


One item might not fall under skincare (and one I totally forgot to take a photo of with the other products – LOL) is the nanoblur. It’s a blurring cream that I liken to a pore-filling primer. This helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and create an even-looking complexion by using light-diffusing and optical blurring technologies according to the brand’s website ( It has ingredients that makes the skin look matte, smooth and also improve skin texture. The texture of the cream itself is similar to Benefit’s Porefessional where it’s very silky and smooth but it might be a little bit lighter in feel than that. I tried wearing this under makeup and similar to the jelly it just made my foundation stick in certain areas on my face. It’s suggested for use over makeup or on it’s own. I’ve been wearing it a lot on it’s own just to even out my skin’s texture and make it appear smoother which it does. I don’t think it hides fine lines and wrinkles but it does make them feel a bit softer. I like this product a lot and use it almost everyday.

My Thoughts

Overall, I’m happy with these products and feel like I got to try a good range of skin products from Indeed Labs that I would recommend checking them out. They have a lot of different items meant to target a multitude of concerns and the price is more affordable compared to other skincare brands on the market. I think it’s worth checking out. My skin feels and looks really good. It’s definitely way more hydrated, plump, and overall smooth. Again, it’s due to many different things but having a good skincare regime is part of it. I love when a Canadian brand creates good products that I can use and support.

Let me know if you’ve tried Indeed Laboratories and what you’re experience is like. Please also share any other affordable skincare brands that you’ve been loving lately.

Lots of Love,