Over these last two months I have been going through a lot of my stuff and throwing out anything that was old as well as using up a bunch of items. I moved at the end of September so there was a lot of purging that happened and I continue to sift through my skincare and makeup and toss anything that has past it’s expiry date or hasn’t been used over the last year. I’ll keep everything short and sweet below. On to my empties for September & October!


Indeed Collagen Booster. Find my review of the product here. This was easy to use up because I used a few drops of this morning and night as part of my skincare routine. I liked it, while I was using it my skin did feel more plump. I would repurchase this.

Milk Makeup Hydrating Face & Body Oil Stick. I did a full review of this on the blog here. I started using this on my face exclusively but as the product started getting old I stopped using it on my face and switched to using it on my body to use it up more quickly. This is great, especially for the body because you can glide the stick directly on the skin and then rub it in. It’s very hydrating. I would repurchase this for sure, I just have so much body care to get through.

Vichy Purete Thermal Perfecting Toner. I really need to dedicate a post to some of my favourite Vichy products because I enjoy this brand so much. After cleansing my face I would use this to help remove any remaining product. This gentle enought that I could use it around my eyes. It has some hydrating ingredients so it is great for dry skin. I would repurchase this.

Origins Planscription Anti-Aging Serum. This is was a bit of a thicker serum and while I did enjoy it in the begining I started to feel like it really wasn’t doing anything for my skin. Not a terrible product but I wouldn’t repurchase it.

Hair Care

TRESemme Repair & Protect Pre-Styling Spray. Such a great heat protectant. It has a nice smell, great mist, and it always left my hair feeling softer after styling. I recently purchased a different heat protectant from TRESemme just to try it out, but I would totally repurchase this specific one again.

Orofluido Hair Elixir. So, not sure if this was supposed to do anything but it smells good and left my hair shinny. I have other hair oils that will do the same thing so I won’t be repurchasing this.

Body Care

Yves Rocher Deodorant. You can find a review of this here (I feel like I need to update that deodorant post though, I have some new faves!) I always enjoy this deodorant. It smells great and it lasts on me. It can be a bit wet which is the only downside but it’s not like you notice that through your clothing. I have already started using another one!

Cetaphil Replenshing Moisturizer. I had this little deluxe sample moisturizer for a while now and I thought it was alright. Not super hydrating for me so I won’t be repurchasing it.

Jo Malone Body & Hand Was Gel in Wood Sage & Sea Salt. When it comes to high-end fragrances I really love the smell of Jo Malone products. I love their bath items, their perfumes, their candles but alas they are so expensive that it’s not something I would be repurchasing often. I enjoyed this little deluxe sample I picked up from Sephora, but I’m not sure I could bring myself to purchase this. Maybe at my birthday….


Covergirl Liquid Liner. See the look I created using this liner here. This is a VERY impressive drug store liner. It’s a deep black, it doesn’t smudge or go into fine lines, it’s applies smoothly, it’s comfortable to hold, and the felt tip is thin. I usually like brush tip eye liners but if I had to use a felt-tip one this would be it! I would definitely repurchase this.

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil. Okay, soo I thought I like the brow definer (the thicker version of this) but I was wrong. I like this instead! hahaha! Now, to be honest, there are a lot of brow pencils that are more affordable that I would purchase over this guy but I am happy I tried it and if I had to say whether I thought it was good enough to repurchase again, I would say yes.

Nude by Nature Prefecting Primer. I’m not wearing a lot of foundation lately but for some reason I started getting into the habit of applying primer. I think it just helps my skin look even and if I apply bb cream on top it blends out so much easier. I liked this guy. It has a citrus scent which wakes me up in the morning. It smoothes out my skin and makes it feel more smooth and even. I’ve started getting into primer so I’m using up all the ones I have in my stash that I had never touched before. I’m going to hold off repurchasing this until I’ve had a chance to try out some other ones.

NYX Lid Lingerie in Nude to Me. This is an item that I hardly wore until the pandemic hit and I just needed something to quickly put a look together for zoom meetings or when I left my home to run esential errands. Yes, the grocery store became my glam-time, LOL! This is actually a really light formula that gives a hint of shimmery colour. I would just apply this over my lid, add mascara and be done. I’d look like I put in some effort without really doing too much. Once this was finished up I switched to just applying my golden highlighters to the lid and it gave the same effect. I would repurchase this.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Watermelon. This formula is like a sheer colour balm. It was great to use over the last few summers because it gave me lips just a hint of colour that was fun and bright. It’s been a long time in my stash so I am going to toss this out but I would definitely purchase more lipstick that’s like this.

Makeup I hardly used

Here is just a snapshot of some of the products that sat in my makeup collection that I used only a handful of times. I didn’t try them long enough that I can definitely say whether I liked them or not. Since they hardly got any use the first time around, I’m not repurchasing any of them.


There you have it! That was the empties for these last two months! I am really happy that I got rid of anything I wasn’t using. I’m going to try to do this every few months so I’m not stocking up on expired or unused makeup or skincare.

What items did you use up in September and October?

Lots of Love,