Back again with another Amazon Favourites! This time I’m focusing on drink items and gadgets that I have been enjoying in my kitchen. With working from home, I find that I’ve expanded my collection of drinks. Nowadays, I’m making all my own coffees, espressos, tea, smoothie, and cocktails in the comfort of my home. I’ve become my own barista/bartender/drink maker!

WuFu Yuan Tapioca Pearl

If you have seen my Instagram you know I absolutely LOVE bubble tea. It was one of the first things I missed when I started working remote because I used to enjoy going to my local bubble tea shop for an afternoon treat at work. At first, I would head to the nearest bubble tea store and order myself one, however, I was craving this all the time so I had to find a way to just make it at home. I tried a few different brands of tapioca pearls but this one from WuFu Yuan is my favourite.

This cooks up quickly and the pearls are soft and chewy. The instructions are easy to follow and it comes out perfectly every time. Whenever I’m craving a bubble tea I whip up a fresh batch it’s so simple and quick to put together. What I like to do is cook the tapioca pearls and mix them with some brown sugar, then I add it to my iced tea or juice and enjoy it as an afternoon treat! I enjoy this at least once a week.

Naturelo Raw Greens Whole Food Powder

Something else I used to do when going into the office was grab a morning smoothie from the juicer near my office. After having a morning coffee, I always enjoyed smoothies for breakfast and they would fill me up until lunch. I would always opt to add powders to my smoothies to boost them and when I started working remote I wanted to do the same thing at home.

This is a dietary supplement that can be added into a smoothie or juice or enjoyed on its own. It has no artificial sweeteners or added sugars, but this is still pretty sweet because of the natural sugars. So when I make a smoothie I don’t need to add honey or any other sweetener. this powder has pro-biotics, digestive enzymes calming herbs for anti-stress, and immunity booster.

While I try to keep a well rounded diet to ensure I’m getting all the things my body needs, I still enjoy having this powder. Plus, it tastes pretty good and blends really easily without getting little powder chunks.

Kitdine Rechargeable Frother and Blender

When it comes to whipping up a coffee or matcha latte in the morning or blending my green juice I always reach for this electric frother. I used to own one very similar from Ikea that worked well and was very cheap but unfortunately it fell apart every time I used it so I had to get something that was more sturdy and didn’t require batteries. I figured it might be a good idea to buy a frother that was rechargeable.

What’s nice about this is that it has three speed settings and also comes with a whisk, which is great if you want to make a quick omelette or in my case, a little mug cake! I find I reach for this every single day and makes things way more convenient than whisking by hand or pulling out a bigger appliance. Mostly, I use the frother to mix up my morning matcha. I find it’s a great tool and it lasts a long time between charges. I use it daily and find it blends everything so well. I even use it to blend my chocolate milk!


These are some items that I recently purchased from Amazon that have really made drinks at home so much more convenient. Have you been doing any Amazon shopping lately? What are some things you miss since working remote?

Lots of Love,